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How about Rae Ann Cleveland. I heard it was a small place and are hiring. Concerned about it being so close to the projects though....I have a new car. :clown: Anyone have positive or negative... Read More

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    Thank you
    I have accepted a position in a nicer part of town. Staff seemed very friendly when the DON walked me around the place. The facility was set up very resident friendly with a nice open large lounge area with big screen TV for them. They also have the computer charting, which I really, really like! Have high aide to resident ratio, so nurses can focus on our duties, rather than always having to help the aides. They have it set up so the aides are paired and work in teams. Got the call yesterday offering me the position. Explained the trouble, I was having when I interviewed about staff in other facilities always thinking, I am their personal lifting machine while trying to pass meds or trying to chart, to the point I could not get my nursing duties completed. The director of nursing assured me it would not be happening there. So, all turned out well.
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    All I am going to say, is you will be surprized and NOT in a good way. Anyone with a true passion for nursing and who truly care about doing the right thing, do not waste your time. Just remember there are many other facilities around.
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    Have worked at the cleveland facility for years. Fantastic care, incredible staff. Lots of changes recently, all for the better. Higher acuity levels, some people hate change. 5 star ratings and deficiency free surveys! try that sometime!
    I have read through all these posts and yours do not fit in.....you protest too much and sound arrogant. Almost like you have something to cover up. A 5 star rating does not make a facility 5 star by any means. It sounds like the people who are hating the change are your oldies, but not so goodies nurses.
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    How funny! I thought the same thing too!!
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    i guess there are not many of us florence nightingales out there anymore!
    "florence said she heard the voice of god tell her she had a mission."
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