PRN requirements at Cleveland Clinic

  1. Does anyone know what the PRN requirements are for the Cleveland Clinic? Weekends? Holidays? How many shifts per schedule? Thanks
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  3. by   AgentBeast
    Depends on the Unit.
  4. by   pookyp
    Quote from erin527RN
    Does anyone know what the PRN requirements are for the Cleveland Clinic? Weekends? Holidays? How many shifts per schedule? Thanks
    I would like to ink this as well.
  5. by   geminiBSN75
    Quote from ScottE,RN
    Depends on the Unit.
    For the emergency department
  6. by   geminiBSN75
    So I had my telephone interview today. I think it went well. I asked about the PRN requirements. She said that generally you do not rotate hospitals, you need at least 3 shifts per 6 week schedule, you need to work one winter holiday and one summer holiday. She didn't know if there were weekend requirements for PRN. So at least that some info. Hope this helps others with questions.
  7. by   geminiBSN75
    Anyone know if Cleveland Clinic has weekend requirements for PRN positions ?
  8. by   Sassy5d
    Not aware of weekend requirements.
    If you're interested in the $$ you're better off trying to apply to their 'CCAR'. Which is ccf's own agency.
  9. by   geminiBSN75
    Thank you Sassy!!!! I'll look into the CCAR....
  10. by   Passion8RN
    I work PRN for CCF. No weekend requirement, just holiday, one summer and one winter. PRN are required to work 24 hrs in a six week period. I break mine up into 4 hr shifts and 8 hr shifts. Most PRN staff work more than the requirement, but I do the bare minimum. This is in the ED
  11. by   geminiBSN75
    Thank you NakiaRN!!!!
  12. by   geminiBSN75
    NakiaRN, can you fill me in on the CC orientation? When I interviewed she told me it would be about one week long? Is it everyday? At the main campus? Would do you do? Also we didn't discuss hourly rate. Is there a set rate for PRN ? Based on experience ? Thank you for any information you can give me.
  13. by   Confesionspt2
    PRN at Cleveland Clinic means working 48 hours in a 6 weeek scheduling period.
    I don't think weekends are mandatory. My manager once told me PRNs are suppose to work one weekend day in the 6 week period. The weekends are pretty well staffed due to part time and full time employees have to work every other weekend. So PRNs if ever are rarely scheduled on weekends.
    However everyons tries to get you to pick up a weekend day for them.
    Orientation: first day is mass orientation day with a mix of different employees. Day two you go off into your group - nurses, PCNAs, etc.
    I'm a nursing student so day 2 they lumped me with nurses and day three was test out on my skills then off to the hospital for hospital orientation which was about a month.
  14. by   Confesionspt2
    PRNs are paid more than part/full time employees. PCNAs start at 13 but PRN PCNA starts at $15/hr
    That being said PRN are not eligible for health insurance or tuition reimbursement. PRN is always first to cancel unless an employee puts in First to Cancel.