Nursing Programs in Cincinnati

  1. Hi, my name is Sarah.

    I am currently a pre-nursing student at Miami University. I don't care for the program at Miami. The classes are extremely large and the professors and staff are not helpful!!

    I would like to transfer to a different nursing school. I am considering Christ, Good Sam and Cincy State.
    I would really like to hear some of your thoughts on these 3 schools. Any advice would be very much appreciated!!

    I have completed several classes at Miami. A&P Part 1, Microbiology, Psychology, 2 English courses, a math course, ect...
    What would be the chance be that these credits will transfer?

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  3. by   Heavenly4505

    I am currently a student at Cincy State. I transferred there from Indiana University, and nearly all of my credits transferred. If you've taken those courses recently, I would say it's a good chance they'll transfer. I have no experience with Christ or Good Sam, so I can't speak for those schools.

    I was attending Cincy State on the main campus and was on the waiting list for the RN program. However, they're saying a 2-3 year wait (I realize it may not be that long, etc.). I got tired of waiting, so I decided to do their LPN program instead. They've teamed up with Great Oaks to offer Cincinnati State/Great Oaks School of Practical Nursing. I'm doing the 16 month evening program at the Live Oaks campus in Milford. I really like it so far. The instructors are knowledgeable. There is a TON of reading, studying, and homework, but I think that's true with any nursing program.

    The only pre-reqs for the LPN program are that you take the Compass test OR have transferrable credits in English and Math (which it sounds like you do, so you can probably bypass the Compass test requirement). Also, you need to be a State Tested Nurse Aide prior to starting the LPN program, but that is also a requirement for their RN program as well. I took my STNA course through Cincy State, but you can take it through Great Oaks as well, or any other place that offers it. You are just required to pass your state test prior to beginning the program. Sorry this is so long, but if you have any specific questions, please feel free to PM me, and I will help you in any way you can. I think Cincy State is a good school, but the main campus can be a little daunting. It's easy to get lost "in the crowd" down there. I'm much happier at the Oaks campus than I was at Main Campus.
  4. by   grechi2009
    hello, you should look into applying to christ they will be accepting applications til jan 15th everything must be official and turned in by jan 15th. there is no waiting lists for clinicals dont listen to what people say. it is very competitive though. as far as good sam they only take applications in august and jan so u should try to apply to both christ and good sam by the end of this month. yes all of ur credits will transfer bc miami is an accredited institution by the higher learning comission. good sam has a waiting list for clinicals but is not as long as cincy state or uc raymond walters waiting lists, theirs is about a year to 2 years and good sam is only about 7 months. apply to both of them and if u are not accepted get on the waiting list at cincy state or uc raymond walters and work on the classes to get ur bsn while waiting if you really want to be an RN there will be a way. u can do it!!!!
  5. by   prathesl
    Thank you so much for you help!! I think that I will take you advice and apply to both.

  6. by   prathesl

    Thank you for your advice!! I appreciate you taking the time to send me all of that information!!

    Sarah : )
  7. by   grechi2009
    did anyone get into christ? i did...looking for others who got in as well....
  8. by   Heavenly4505
    I was accepted to Christ. I just got my acceptance letter today, but I don't think I'm going to attend. I've already started an LPN program at Cincinnati State/Great Oaks School of Practical Nursing. I think I'm going to go ahead and finish that first, and then move on to my RN. I've come so far in this program, I don't want to drop out and "start all over" in a new program. I haven't made up my mind 100% for sure, but I'm pretty sure I won't be attending Christ. I did get accepted though.
  9. by   grechi2009
    ok good luck dats a good choice
  10. by   sarahanne
    Heavenly4505 are you still attending the LPN program at Cincy state? I am wanting to attend but need an evening program. I didn't know that they had one? Do you know if that is still the case??? If so how do I apply for that program? Would love to talk to you about it.. if you want you can email me so we can talk thru that? My email is

    Thanks so much!!!