1. Hello to all RNs in Ohio!

    I'm a New Grad RN and it's been difficult to get an interview or job in Cleveland Clinic, UH, Metro Hospital. Two recruiters in Cleveland Clinic contacted me but they said they are going to forward my application to the hiring manager and it's been a month and I haven't heard from them. Most of the hospitals want an experienced RN and it seems like no one wants to hire a new grad. I got a couple interview at Nursing homes and the rate for the other one is $23 for new grad. (when I talked with the recruiter at Cleveland clinic their rate is $25.25 even though the recruiter knows I'm a new grad. So $23 is kind of low knowing it's a LTC (which I heard pays more than hospitals, but I guess not..) Another interview from a nursing home wanted to hire me and the rate they want to give me is $21 because they said I'm a new grad. I don't even know if I should take this offer because it's the lowest I've heard for RN. This LTC doesn't even know if they want to hire me fulltime, which is what I need right now. How much is the minimum per hour for new grad RN in Cleveland, OH? So that I know which is acceptable and if I should take this offer?

    I hope someone replies. thanks!
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  3. by   DidiRN
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  4. by   OUxPhys
    Cost of living in the Cleveland area isn't that expensive so $21/hr starting off isnt too bad. It will get you experience. Just keep being aggressive. I know UH is not hiring any new grads but check their site often as they sometimes have 1 or 2 new grad jobs. I would call CC if you haven't heard from them in a month. As for metro a lot of the jobs they have posted are for 64 and 72 hours and mostly weekends : /
  5. by   NicuGal
    Do you have your BSN? I will tell you that they really prefer BSN right now.
  6. by   jennylouwho
    I'm in Lorain County, graduated in May, took boards in August and started working in September. I was fortunate! I'm not making what the clinic pays, but I live four blocks from the hospital I work at and don't pay for parking and it's close!

    Many of my friends are having trouble, but are staying positive and bing aggressive, some are looking in all surrounding counties - are you wiling to do that? There are places in cuyahoga county too - Parma isn't part of another system yet are they?
  7. by   OUxPhys
    No but they will eventually be joining UH as they were bought out by them this summer
  8. by   floater2014
    As an Lpn I worked at ccf with 15 year experience 20 an hour
    skilled facility 19 an hour
    10 years ago I made 25 an hour
    22 or 23 seems like starting for hospital new grad rn 2 years
    at cleveland clinic new grads with bsn seem to start out at only a 1.00 or so more per hour
    hope sallary info can help
    Look at South West general bagley and route 71 New grad rns sometimes get hired there they are expanding.
  9. by   arniedemarco
    Does Metrohealth has exam before they hire you? And also is it a good sign that maybe you will get the job if they ask you to shadow?
  10. by   OUxPhys
    No they do not make you take an exam. I don't know, usually applicants will be asked to shadow a floor they apply on to make sure that is the floor they want to work on.

    Metro is a good hospital to work for.
  11. by   arniedemarco
    Is it like a good sign that you will be hired if they ask you to shadow?
  12. by   arniedemarco
    Thanks for answering my questions though