Nationwide (Columbus) Children's

  1. I'm a junior nursing student and this is the hospital I have my heart set on for a variety of reasons. And at some point, I plan to work in pediatric oncology.

    I'm hoping some nurses that work there or know others that do will chime in.

    I saw the recent article about the 2400 (400 nursing) permanent jobs to be added over the next 15 years or something because of the expansion...any take on that?

    I've been scanning this forum and it seems that Columbus hospitals aren't doing a lot of hiring, especially new grads. But I have a friend who's daughter was in treatment for cancer the past couple years and she said that quite a few of the nurses on J5 at Nationwide were new grads - something I wouldn't expect.

    Anyone with experience at NCH, any suggestions to get my foot in the door? I don't see any externship opportunities on their website and my nursing school is in Toledo.
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  3. by   CNM2B
    I know that they really like to hire new grads, so I would suggest applying very early (like January or February). I had a phone interview with them last spring and they said that they were on a "waiting list" and would call when someting opened up. They did call over the summer, but I had already accepted a position elsewhere. Good luck!
  4. by   Eirene
    [FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium]I feel that you have a very good chance on gaining employment at Columbus Children's if that is what you desire.
    [FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium]
    [FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium]They broke ground this summer to add on 500,000 square feet to their existing hospital. It should be completed by the year 2011. Click here for the article.
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    [FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium]Watch out for the new-grad externships. They will be posting them within the month. Apply quick!
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    [FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium]Good luck in your journey.
  5. by   RNKel
    I was told in November that NCH is on a hiring freeze right now. Not sure how true that is. I don't graduate until June. I did a clinical rotation there for two days and loved the place - all three of my children have had treatment of one kind or another there, so I already knew I loved the facility.
  6. by   illidan01
    I just got hired at Children's for Floating PCA. They did have a massive hiring of "nursing students" for PCA/ and floats. The orientation started 12/15/08. They mentioned they do this once or twice a year with nursing students. I think the next round will be in summer. Keep checking the job listings! They mentioned in the interview that there is no nursing shortage at that hospital, even with all the new jobs being added on, they "hope" to employ their PCA's once they have their license and have a great employment record.
  7. by   luvmyguys
    Hi-I actually contacted a nurse recruitor at NCH about 2 weeks ago and she said that they won't be hiring as many new grads this upcoming year due to the economy and funding. She said that they will be placing their float rns in fulltime positions. She told me that I could fill out an application for employment once I graduate but that they already have about 200 new grad apps. on hold to go through starting in Jan. But, she did say to check their job board and I might get lucky and to try in 2010.
  8. by   illidan01
    luvmyguys - There has been many of floating for RN's that I have noticed! In our orientation class there were 20 people that are scheduled to graduate in 2010 too! All we can do is keep trying and hope the construction falls ahead of schedule! I tried for over 6 months to get a job at Children's - it finally paid off!