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I'm new to this forum =)~:welcome: I currently attend ATS Institute of technology in highland heights (richmond heights). I'll be finished with school Sept 08' then Im going right back to the LPN-RN... Read More

  1. by   TrudyHall

    As Informed you in my last thread it not just ATS but any other vocational school that you may attend. Credit will not transfer. The only schools that will transfer credits, would be if you left a school like Cuyahoga community college and you transfer to Case Western or if you went to Lakeland Community college and transfer to Akron University. if you graduate from ATS you will have to start all over again you will have to take a placement test and depending on what your scores are you will be taking that new schools remedial courses math and English, then their prerequisite before you take any of their advance class. so it makes no difference what school you graduate from whether its ATS or any other vocational their credit will not transfer that why each school tells YOU to see what school will take there credits. The higher institution feel like as though you have not been prepare properly. I did not finish their at ATS we went our separate ways. I much happier where I am at.
  2. by   peppapig123
    If their credits don't transfer over, will people still be able to do an RN-BSN program if they graduate from there? Also, would I be able to work at least part time as an STNA will attending? I was wondering because I was considering applying there.
  3. by   TrudyHall
    NO CREDIT WILL TRANSFER!!! it makes no difference if you go to ATS, Brown Mackie, or Bryant Stratton. All other
    university will make you take an entrance exam before you start a class and depending on where you place on the entrance exam will determined if you how many of their remedial class like math and English before you start any RN program. Remember that other college has to know if you are prepared to become one of their students and how much you know. The school that I am attending will be starting their bridge program in the very near future I am planning to do my RN there. Before you in vest your time read all the posting about ATS I will agree with every negative commit that posted for those that like it and made through I wonder how? I know several hospital that will not take their students.
  4. by   sjoy
    OK... I had to make this in BIG letters for the poor misguided individuals who don't have enough research skills to come to an educated decision about whether credits will transfer.

    I graduated from ATS in MAY 2010. I sat for the board exam in JUNE 2010 and PASSED with 75 questions. It was a cake walk. After diligent research, I found that because the school is accredited I was able to transfer my credits to the following schools: ( Note: I was specifically looking for an online RN-BSN program that 1. Didn't require a bunch of nonsense prereqs 2. Would excuse the LPN program I attended because it was a vocational program 3. Would allow me to advance to MSN NP when I graduated.)
    University of Southern Indiana
    Thomas Edison State College
    and some others that I don't remember.....I stopped keeping notes when I was accepted at Chamberlain.

    Now....I am currently enrolled at Chamberlain, and have 2 semesters left before I get a BSN. I am working FT as an RN and make 74k/yr. There is no limit to what I can do when I get factual information regarding my education options.

    Is CSU, Case,Kent, or other local schools your only option? No. People please think outside the box called OHIO. There are so many programs that will accept you if you only ask for an application and have the GPA.
    Part of the problem is that you ask about your specific school transferring credits. Stop this!! ATS IS an accredited institution and the school is not MANDATED to accept them, so the schools that have heard all of the horror stories, regarding poor patient care by the clinical students, choose not to accept ATS students- usually the ones in the Cleveland and surrounding areas. Also the schools seemed a bit biased about a fairly new nursing program, as if to say, it isn't good enough. As I stated earlier in the post, as a student seeking knowledge, you have to apply yourself and do more than what is given to you if you expect to excel. That is with ATS, CSU, KENT, and any other program.

    Does that mean ATS students suck? Not all of them. This points to the fact that ATS needs to raise the bar on admissions. Every Ghetto-fabulous person that walks throughout he door with the ability to pay for the degree should not be allowed in the school. When you have a hood rat mentality, it doesn't matter if you are the President( God forbid), your mentality will carry over into the way you conduct business. Same with nursing knowledge..it will be carried out in the manner you perceive.
    Enough about that.

    BTW, 60% of my graduating class is enrolled in an RN-BSN program right now, and judging by the responses on this post, most people who are going FORWARD with their education is not stewing over this ATS credit transferring business. It would be wise to do your homework, use critical thinking, and get down to business with this issue because they are making the entry requirements more difficult.

    Just thought I would share some hope with the the unbelievers
  5. by   TrudyHall
    congratulations are in order i am very glad that you made it through, and you are now a nurse. as for my post, i have done my own research. this is my experience. i left ats going to lakeland community college where none of ats class was accepted. i had to start all over again i have the proof to back this up. what i meant about transferring credit that once lakeland is finished and to pursue a bsn at case western school of nursing. i will still have to take an entrance exam and take more classes like english, psychology, etc. i am a very intelligent individual, and i work hard not only to excel in what i accomplish, but also getting my fact straight as well . my opinion about ats will be just that. no. i cannot recommend that institution to anyone . what works for one surely will not work for all.
  6. by   J845
    does anyone have any tips on passing the entrance test? thanks!
  7. by   annegemini
    Thank you. I am considering applying to ATS in Chicago, and had second thoughts till I read your post.
  8. by   ladawn reeves
    lol i know this post is old. and despite what many people say i am employed by two home care agencies and both of my immediate supervisors started at ATS, i am a current student there myself and like the woman above said, its about how much you would like to apply yourself. i went to bryant and stratton as well. and ppl have to understand when u apply for vocational schools like the the few we mentioned, the credits usually dont tranfer. but tht doesnt mean u cant be successful when attending one of those schools, i have heard the horror stories abt all of the northeastern ohio vocational nursing schools and the truth is, if u want to be a nurse u are gonna be a nurse no matter where you come from and where you go, yes sometimes the schools do not implement the best policies but its not about the whole school, its about the individual. and must i add, yes ats did go through some issues in the past but they have new ppl in the office making things a lot better than they were in the past, remember the goal is to become a nurse, and to be honest that should be the only goal. no matter what school u attend.

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