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  1. I am a new LPN , just passed the boards.I really worried I may not be able to find a job in the dayton and surronding area.I have filled out and summit resume to 16 Long term care centers.Anyone else fill the demand for LPN's have come to a end? Please any advice?
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  3. by   AntFlip7395
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    I am a new LPN , just passed the boards.I really worried I may not be able to find a job in the dayton and surronding area.I have filled out and summit resume to 16 Long term care centers.Anyone else fill the demand for LPN's have come to a end? Please any advice?
    I live in the Dayton area. I am an RN now, used to be an LPN less than 2 years ago. I do think it is becoming harder for new grads to find jobs, due to the economy and schools cranking out so many new nurses. It is a regional thing, however. A few words of advice...

    You can fill out applications online, but you may want to consider dropping off resumes in person, if they accept resumes in this manner. I know that Miami Valley Hospital doesn't, they want you to do it all online. I suspect that LTC centers aren't as strict about this.

    Be flexible about the hours you are willing to work. Many new grads come out expecting to work day shift. You would be very fortunate to get it, but most likely, you'll need to start out on nights. Possibly even part-time or resource to get your foot in the door.

    You don't have work experience, so you'll need to highlight your clinical experiences and hopefully you have a couple of nursing instructors that are willing to give you glowing references. Emphasize your willingness to learn and grow.

    Don't ask about pay, let them bring it up. Be negotiable, but don't accept less than the going rate for a new grad LPN.

    Don't give up, you will find a job. Just keep filling out applications and sending out resumes. It can be discouraging, but something will turn up. Keep in mind that your first place of employment is not likely to be your dream job, but it is the first step.

    Good luck!
  4. by   mjm1979
    Yes, this is not a good area for a new grad LPN right now. I graduated in Aug of 08 and some of the grads from my class still can't find jobs. I think this market is flooded with LPNs right now, and the schools keep cranking out more. Most of the people I graduated with wanted full-time work and are only getting part-time work. Most of the people were STNAs and their employer kept them, but only offered them limited hours. Those of us who had not worked as aides even had a harder time. Hardly any places will hire a new grad and then not having STNA experience on top of that is even worse. I'd say to just be very persistent in your job search. There are around 35 long term care facilities in the area. I made myself a list with all of them and numbered them in the order of interest I had in working for them. Then I dressed up and went out on several different days and just picked up applications. It takes so long to sit there and fill them out that you can only do a few a day, so I went and picked them up and then filled them out at home and then dressed up again and went and dropped them off. There are more LTC facilites around too, but I started with the ones that were within 1/2 hour radius of my home. I dropped off an app at my #1 choice and also sent a cover letter and resume via Email and also filled out an online app. And a couple times a week I went in and bugged human resources. They eventually called me and I accepted the every other weekend position I was offered. I had only dropped off about 6 of the other apps and didn't hear from any of them. There are a couple of places where you can only apply online as well. I would advise students to work as an STNA if you already aren't and to have great attendance and excellent grades b/c it is a very competative market. If one isn't interested in LTC there is The Dayton Rehabilitation Institute, area hospitals (the VA hires a good number of LPNs, pay is lousy tho), dialysis centers, hospice (they like a year of experience tho), Dr's offices, home health (I personally wouldn't want as a new grad), assisted living centers, etc.
  5. by   amjowens
    A little out of your region-Toledo-but yeah, not as many job opps out there as I thought there would be. I drive up to Ann Arbor, as I got a job there. I haven't taken my boards yet, but am working as a graduate nurse. I'm training, and sometimes work as an aide. I'm very flexible, and pretty much try to be as wonderful as I can be, because I need them! I'm planning to start full-time when I pass my boards (have been offered), so I'm just putting in my time now. It's good experience, and I'm essentially working as a LPN, but more nurse extern. I'm very grateful, as many new grads aren't hearing anything. The ones I know getting jobs have worked at the place as aides.

    I started my first semester RN in Jan (regular, not bridge), and do recommend that asap for LPNs. There are so many high-priced LPN schools popping up (classes don't even transfer to colleges, only getting to sit for boards), and THEY are the ones making the money! The new grads are being told they will be offered jobs, yet in reality, hospitals in my area (and MANY areas) are phasing out LPNs. It doesn't take much thinking to figure out the numbers, with all the Brown-Mackie types out there cranking out new grads!

    Don't give up, and do the traditional job-hunting stuff, as nurses are no longer exempt from the "rules".
  6. by   SLOOZEN
    I just posted something similar to this on the LPN/LVN board. I have only received 3 phone calls and I have sent out over 50 resumes. I have a pending offer with one facility and the other is still actively considering me but has not finished their interviews yet, it has been two weeks, but it is a MAJOR hospital in this area. I am in the NE OHio region, up near CLevealnd. It really STINKS...I am getting so discouraged. I graduated in December.....and NOTHING yet.
  7. by   Night Owl RN
    I, too, am a new LPN in the Cincy area. I haven't had any luck finding a job---in fact, of the 30 apps made, I've received one call back from an HR person and the hours conflicted with my class schedule. I keep reassuring myself I'd have better luck if I wasn't already going to RN clinicals but reading all of the other posts, I'm not sure I would. I agree with the amjowens, the market is flooded with LPNs and that situation is not likely to improve. It's true, the hospitals don't seem to be hiring any LPNs anymore and this may be due to the quality of some of the LPN education. It's all about money for many of these newer LPN schools and the academic quality of some of them is questionable. I think that hurts the LPN market overall. It's very disappointing to be unable to work now, but it is reassuring that a little over a year from now, I'll be taking my RN boards. Hopefully, by then, the economy and the job outlook will be much improved.
  8. by   catrat
    Just a thought.... There's some postings on the Dayton area craigslist. Some temp agencies, but at least it would help in building experience. I wish you all the luck!
  9. by   mboulis
    My heart goes out to all the new grads. When I graduated in the 90's, I think I was offered just about every job I interviewed for. Things are so, so different now.

    I now have 15 years experience and even with that, I cannot find anything else. My hours have been cut due to the economic situation. Our area (Sandusky) is over-saturated with LPN schools now...we have maybe 5 within 30 miles. My cousin graduated in June 2008, couldn't find a job for seven months and when she finally did, was laid off in March.

    It's depressing and discouraging. I am hoping and praying for a turnaround.
  10. by   rude1s
    I feel your pain. Graduated in Aug. 2009 in Cleveland Ohio and am actively looking. Thinking about taking STNA job just to get in somewhere. Cant get anyone to talk to me. Need to use my skills before I forget everything!! 3 months ago there were tons of jobs, now nothing! Looking for LTC job, anyone have any suggestions? Not sure if applying for STNA will look bad since im already licensed.
  11. by   tamalalynn47
    i graduated from akron area in july and still havent found anything. i started getting incredibly frustrated and desperate, so just the other day i asked a don what she though about me working as an STNA til something opened up. you know what, they called me right back and i got an interview, now they are considering hiring me prn as an stna and lpn!!i find out today. you have to do what you have to do!!! Mind you , I have been calling this place weekly for 3 months(little annoying, but persistent), they had nothing at all until i mentioned working as an STNA!
  12. by   rude1s
    Thats great! I have considered this, but didnt know if you could work as a STNA after your licensed. I have heard that you cant, but am not sure. There are a whole lot more STNA jobs out there than LPN jobs. Still applying, but openings are very limited. Im surprised that you havent found anything, there seem to be so many openings in the Akron area, but I guess that doesnt really mean that thier hiring! :imbar
  13. by   tamalalynn47
    There are definitely many openings...home year experience..awesome pay, cant wait to get that one year mark, but i need a job first!!!
  14. by   rude1s
    Yes, I feel the same way. Want do something with what I know, and this "housewife"/"jobseeker" role I have been living to is getting old quickly. I need a job that pays!!