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Hi, I am considering attending this school. However, I am a bit concerned about safety issues in traveling there. It seems it's in a high crime area, and I'm looking to do the E/W program. ... Read More

  1. by   rrmitch2000
    that is grades are good 3.7 accum from my undergrad degree and 4.0 in my pre-reqs from tri-c...the only support courses left are soc, micro and doing soc and ethics this semester and will do micro in the summer -- wanted to do it this semester but childcare as usual has been a problem -- my sister in law backed out at the last minute so i will stay online this semester and do micro in summer when i have more help. really want to get all the support classes done before starting the nursing classes.
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    Hi, everybody! I'm considering enrollment at Huron as we speak. Can anyone answer these 3 questions: 1) What time do their evening/weekend courses begin? 2) I understand they have a grade requirement (maybe B+?) Does that mean you have to get at least a B+ in every single course, or an overall AVERAGE of a B+, or how does that work? And is it really feasible, can it be done? Have you guys done it without it being too difficult? and 3) If you DO fall below that grade level, are you able to make up the points somehow; do they have a system in place to support you and help you through, or are you just kicked out?
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    Quote from BubblyRN2be
    Vicki429... congrats! but what other "stuff" did you have to do once you were fully accepted and before class starts? ie. physical exam, background check, Teas test, are you registered in classes yet? etc. Just trying to prepare myself for whats needed beause im waiting on my offical letter any day now, although they are offering me Aug. Always trying to stay a step ahead, ya know As for MicroBio..... GOOD LUCK! that is one tough class. I took it at Tri-C . Of 25 students, 11 passed and most with C's. I think the instructor's personailty made it tough for us, but I know ppl who have taken it else where and its still hard. They say, if you make it thru Micro you'll breeze thru some of your RN classes. lol.

    Hey everyone... check out this website to see how other students rate your teachers. Its VERY useful.

    Who was your professor for micro? i am also taking this class this year in Tri C (parma campus) and would like to know (:
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    I really want to know what are the Art and Humanities pre-req's for Huron with the Tri-C AAS degree. Huron's website give a much shorter list than the Tri-C catalog does. All I need is the Arts and Humanities and I'm not sure which ones to take.
  5. by   Shopaholic10
    hi everyone i have a questions i’m considering transferring into huron school of nursing program from tri-c but i have a few questions if anyone knows. if you had to retake 2 science courses for a c or higher such as biochem and a&p 2 are you allowed to start huron’s program. i know tri-c if you have to retake 2 science courses for a c or higher you must wait 7 years to reapply to their program or take chem 1010 and chem 1020. if anyone can help me out that would be great. thank you
  6. by   rrmitch2000
    As far as I know, you can't even apply to Huron with out biochem and A and P 1 and 2. I applied there and was admitted for this Fall, but ultimately decided to stick with tri-c since I am starting the nursing core in the spring due to the opening of westshore.

    I hate to suggest this, but what about applying to LPN and then bridging to RN later? You don't even need A and P 2 for LPN and you could repeat the biochem. LPN at tri-c is admitting for the same semester as RN right now as well. You could most likely apply to LPN now or as soon as you take the entrance exam as biochem is not a pre-req for the program. At this point, I would say you are looking at Spring of 2012 for RN at best since you need to retake things, do the admission test and background check etc. -- it is a long process even after you have the pre-reqs.

    When I went to Huron for my interview session, it was very clear that grades are important to them and you are not guaranteed admission with just the minimum requirements. In fact, if your grades are right around a 2.5 and your pre-reqs are a 2.0 they will suggest you become an LPN first. They tell you this straight out in their information session. I had a 3.7 in my bachelors degree and a 4.0 in my prereqs for nursing and just about everyone there was equally as successful gradewise.

    You are right about not being able to repeat both the biochem and a and p 2 to improve your grade. You would have to replace the biochem with the chem series and repeat the anatomy class. The seven yr rule does not apply here though...this means that courses taken over seven yrs ago will have to be repeated regardless of grade earned (for example a girl in my micro class is retaking micro, anatomy and biochem this semester since she took them in 2000 as part of her bachelors from Ohio State -- she had As in all three courses, but they have expired). Also, if you took biochem (for example) 8 yrs ago and got a D you could repeat it and also another BIO course as well. If you retake the anatomy and then complete the chem series successfully you may apply to the program at tri-c. Here is the excerpt from the tri-c nursing manual regarding repeat and the seven yr rule:

    A grade of "C" or better is required for BIO-1100, BIO-2330, BIO-2340, and BIO-2500 prior to enrolling in the nursing courses requiring these as prerequisites. Science courses completed over 7 years prior to the date of application to the nursing program cannot be used to meet prerequisite requirements. Only one of these biology courses may be repeated once to improve a grade of less than "C." A grade of less than "C" earned over 7 years prior to admission into the Nursing Program is excused from the one course repeat procedure.

  7. by   Shopaholic10

    i already started tri-c nursing program and already took the net test. i am just considering going to huron school of nursing because i can go all year long. i was asking this question for a friend who was in nursing school with me who is also considering going to huron nursing school and had to retake boichem and passed it the second time and is currently retaking a&p 2 for a c or higher. thank you though she got her answer today when ------ from huron called her. the answer if anyone is wondering if you can start their program even if you had to retake science courses twice.
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    Sorry I meant You CAN start Hurons program if you had to retake 2 science courses.
  9. by   Dee_RN
    I thought huron rd. school of nursing was closing, one of their students told me 5/11 was their last graduating class. if its true sorry to be the bearer of bad news....if its not true good luck!!!!
  10. by   gracia30
    Yes unfortunately Huron School of Nursing is closing. I graduated from there in May 2010 and made a lot of good friends who have become great nurses. Sad situation...