Do you know anything about the GRADS program for pregnant teens?

  1. Hey everyone,
    I was seeing if anyone had any information about the GRADS programs. Its for pregnant teens to help them finish highschool. I was interested in working for that program to teach infant care or somethiing. Please let me know.
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  3. by   Sassy5d
    Hi Jackie!
    Contact your local highschool and they should have the information for you..
    As a former pregnant teen (I graduated on my due date and had her 10 days they made me do the grads program...(I was pregnant all year and the school didn't notice until may.. so I was only in it for a few weeks)
    Maybe my school was just low grade.. but I thought it was totally rediculous.. and I really can't imagine them paying very much to do that.
  4. by   gitterbug
    Your local BOE could give you info too. The Red Cross may have some ideas on the local needs. Teen pregnancy continues to be a problem in SE Ohio. I commend you on your desire to educate and assist these girls.