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  1. Just wondering if anyone can help. I start in CSCC's program this fall and I know I'll be getting a packet in the next couple of months and I'll have an orientation in July. However, my birthday is coming up quickly and my husband, parents, inlaws, etc. are all hoping to help stock my backpack and scrubs.

    So, I am wondering if there are specific items that are recommended by the program or or would be helpful. I know my husband plans to get me my stethoscope, but what else?

    Thanks for any help.
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  3. by   javaaddict student
    You need a penlight with pupil gauge, hemostats (straight), and bandage scissors. You should buy the scrubs there...good prices and they will sew the seal on your tops.

    A BUNCH of books. Some of the more general ones that will probalby be useful are:

    Taber's medical dictionary, 21st ed.

    Carpenito-Moy's Handbook of Nursing Diagnosis
  4. by   msteeleart
    I heard from a student that started this quarter that you buy the scrubs during orientation. She said she spent a lot on that day. You could always hope for cash. She also mentioned something about a password you buy for books, I didn't understand what she meant but I guess we will soon find out.
  5. by   kidsnstudyn
    Does anyone have any additional advice for this question? I'm trying to get prepared slowly as opposed to it all smacking me in the face in Aug/Sept....
  6. by   belle52877
    The vast amount is a bit overwhelming But if you are able to start buying things early and family/friends are willing to jump in and help then I think you are a pretty lucky student!

    First and foremost- Get a rolling backpack. I thought this was totally dorky when my husband first suggested it but believe me you will save your back! The amount of things you need to bring with you to class is crazy heavy - you will be glad you did. Seems like just a few of us had them when we started the program and by the end of the first quarter/beginning of the second quarter over half the class was wheeling them around! They are quite helpful!

    It would be a good idea too to buy your own BP cuff for your first quarter clinical in which you will be in a nursing home. Having your own will save you a lot of time trying to find the one and only they have have on the unit that everyone is trying to share. Also make sure you have the normal stuff (like the earlier posts said, hemostats, stethescope, penlight - and with that I would suggest getting the one you can click on and off, they aren't any more expensive, they last longer, and you can change the battery).

    The medical dictionary is really up to you, though taber's is a good one and its the one recommended by the college. The Dorland's illustrated dictionary is also very nice, but more of a desk reference because it's HUGE!

    The Carpenito-Moyet Handbook of nursing diagnosis is the required book, so you will need that but to be honest it's TERRIBLE so I would suggest somewhere down the line getting a second nursing diagnosis book. I picked one up at half price books that cost next to nothing. Do some research because I am not sure which is the best version to get.

    If you want to get a headstart on second quarter stuff you could buy a drug book (Davis is the recommended), and drug reference cards (like Mosby's or Pharm flash) You won't have to use them until your second quarter but if your family wants to help fill your backpack - these are around 40.00 each so that would be a great gift.

    Also another thing that may or may not help you in clinical are those little spiral flip books like "RNotes" or "Incredibly easy..." They are pocket reference guides that are quite handy, you can write in them and erase with alcohol pads, AND you can slip them into your scrubs pockets.

    I can't think of anything else for right now Good luck on your first quarter!