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  1. Does anyone know if one typically gets in the first try? Is this like the classroom track when it comes to far too many applicants than spots or is it possible to get in on the first try? Thanks.

    oh, and if the application period is in November, does anyone know when acceptances/rejections are sent out?
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  3. by   zena231
    I got in on the 1st try. I applied in I think it was a December and was notified in the spring (I think!), I know my friend waiting to get in the traditional program was not notified til June and I knew before that. There are , I assume , fewer applicants to the on line program, since a bachelors degree is required. So , I would think there is less competition than the traditional track. The online program is still in infancy and still has some bugs that they are working through. I am thankful for this program though, because without it I would not have been able to continue my fulltime day job through this whole nursing school process. And, I believe the powers that be have been receptive to our input about how to improve the program .
  4. by   sassy7cassy
    Could you share your experiences/thoughts on the program? What's a typical quarter like for you with your classes? Thanks. Also, are they major sticklers for min GPA requirements? The GPA from the first half of my degree isn't that great but it's VASTLY improved since then (at OSU) and my GPA at CSCC is a 3.5 I think. Any input on that?
  5. by   zena231
    My GPA from OSU was 3.1 so , I don't know if that was good or bad in comparison . The beauty of the on line thing is we are a diverse group- all been there, done that with college world, work world, many moms and dad type people too as well as single people. Our age range was from about 25-45.
    I have to run right now, but I will get back on tomorrow and continue. Anything at all I can do to help, I will gladly do.
  6. by   zena231
    Good things about the online program :
    clinicals and labs were either offered in the evening or weekends for those of us with M-F day jobs could attend. In our group we also had a group that did clinicals on fridays during the day. SO it really was good to work around my life. The traditional students have actual class for lectures, seminar, labs, etc. We only had to be somewhere for clinicals and labs. We go to the testing center for our tests and we usually have a week's window to go when it is convenient for us. I liked not having to go to campus for class all the time. This made it much easier for me to go through the program .
    Bad things:
    you have to be motivated and able to learn without an instructor in front of you teaching the information. You have to closely monitor deadlines ( I use my work calendar to document all important dates at the beginning of each quarter). You must be responsible for a lot of your own learning. These are actually good things for really organized people, BUT it still catches people off guard. Some feel that traditional students have everything spoon fed to them and we have to struggle. I don't know that this is actually true, but understand the ideas behind it. There are complaints that the online program is very disorganized. We probably encountered more of this than you would, because we are only the 2nd online class and they are truly still working the bugs out. I understand that. The powers that be do seem to want our input and ways to improve. I believe they have made some changes that will help those that follow behind us.
  7. by   LovesGreyhounds
    Hey everyone - Which college are you referring to? Is it Clark State Community College by any chance ??
  8. by   zena231
    Columbus State Community College (at least that is the one I am thinking of)
  9. by   Lovee_T
    Hello, Im a Mom myself and after my 2nd is born in June I want to not work and go to school FT the fall of this yr. Ive been taking pre reqs at Cols State and would like to finish my RN there but I heard the waiting list is like 2 yrs long or something like that? Is that true? I really hope not. Im new to using this FAFSA thing and student loans but I just want to finish my degree. You say you need a prior degree to do the online course? I was thinking if the waiting list is 2 yrs can I get my LPN then get into a LPN to RN program? I was looking at Bohecker but heard credits dont transfer, dont know anything about them really except they are new? I heard COTC is hard to get into Geeeeezzzz...not sure what to do. ANY advice?
  10. by   sassy7cassy
    No, there is no waiting list but from what I've heard, yes it can take up to 2 years to start your classes. Also yes to needing a bachelors degree (in any field) before starting the onlie track.
  11. by   zena231
    for the CSCC traditional track (or Online for that matter) the key to getting in and getting the ball rolling, is to get all your prerequisites done so you can apply. And after you apply, you fill the void (usually you're waiting at least a yr to start-apply Dec, start next fall or following spring). During this time I would strongly recommend taking every other non nursing requirement and get it over with. That will make your 7 quarters of nursing more manageable. Once I started the program , I had nothing but nursing classes and it was still hard sometimes and overwhelming (but I was also working full time too). If you have other demands in your life , like family, etc that require a lot of time, this would be something to consider. And remember, if you want less in-class time, you can take other non nursing classes on line at CSCC. They have an excellent assortment of online offerings.
  12. by   illidan01
    I know people who applied for the Nursing Program recently at CSCC, and yes, there is a waiting list of 1 1/2 yrs - 2 yrs. Most people take the rest of their courses during that time. I think Chamberlin College has a AS program, you might want to check there. CSCC is a great school if you can wait. I love the instructors there.
  13. by   sassy7cassy
    I'm definitely not paying Chamberlain prices for an associates degree, especially since I just graduated from OSU with a BA last month. I'll be waiting around for CSCC. If I don't get in for the online program to start fall of '08 then I will probably just move to Toledo and go to a school there.

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