Cleveland State University Accelerated BSN Jan 2018

  1. I got accepted to Cleveland State University's ABSN program for January 2018, anyone else going there?
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  3. by   AssociateDegree
    I'm not going to CSU, but if your screen name is your real name, you need to change that ASAP. Just an internet safety tip.
  4. by   HeyitsMel(:
    Hey I got accepted also!! Are you living on campus ?
  5. by   Hail2Pitt
    HeyItsMel(: I want to live in an off campus apartment that is close so I can walk, how about you?
  6. by   HeyitsMel(:
    I live 30 mins away so I'm just going to drive back and forth . Are you ready for the program lol
  7. by   Hail2Pitt
    nice! I think so, I had a pretty difficult undergrad so I hope that prepared me, how about you?
  8. by   HeyitsMel(:
    Oh same here lol I learned not to procrastinate. Do you have a email or anything so It'll be easier to talk lol. It doesn't notify me when you reply
  9. by   Hail2Pitt
  10. by   HeyitsMel(:
    Ok thanks i emailed you