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  1. by   Lynzee_84
    I graduated from BM college august 06. I attended Findlay campus. All of the students I graduated with (about 15) passed their NCLEX the 1st time except for 1. BM college is not an "easy" college, you have to work for that degree. I loved the staff, and made many friends along the way. If they arent accredited then I wonder why my A&P 1 & 2 transferred towards my RN...hmmm...It probably depends on what school you go through too. You start a new class each month, no waiting list, and have an almost 100 percent pass rate for the NCLEX. Im definately glad I picked this program.:spin:
  2. by   Kj1105
    I am attending Brown Mackie in Cincinnati, Ohio. I personally haven't had any problems with the school or in my clinical settings. I have 6 more mths to go until I graduate.