Anyone from Toledo to help me compare

  1. Toledo Hospital, MUO, and St. V's? I will be graduating in December and plan on applying to all three hospitals. I was hoping to get some feedback from nurses who currently work there or have worked there in the past. I have had clinicals at all three facilities but would still like to hear other input. Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   dragonflyRN
    Owens' grad? I graduated from Owen's in 2005.. Where are you precepting at? What type of nursing are you interested in? ER, Peds, ICU, Tele?
  4. by   pbrookes
    You guessed it~ Owens. I will be precepting at St. V's. I haven't received my preceptor or assignment yet. I requested the intermediate med-surg floor.
    I would like to work ICU eventually, but my plan is to get a year or so of med-surg under my belt. How has your experience been so far since you graduated? How early did you put out resumes? I will be attending the Owens health career fair next month. Any input/advice you have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. :spin:
  5. by   HeatherLPN
    I'm an Owens grad too.

    Good luck with your precepting.
  6. by   flipnenya
    Great idea to start out on Med-Surg to get that experience and confidence. I work in the Promedica system so I am partial to Toledo Hospital. I feel Promedica cares about not only their patients but also their employees. It would be a great place for you to start and get some awesome experience.:angel2: Good Luck with this
  7. by   renerian
    Another Owens grad here. I worked at Vs in the late 80s and 90s and liked it alot but I know alot has changed. Just moved back after being gone from the area for 10 years.

  8. by   dragonflyRN
    4B is great experience!
  9. by   dragonflyRN St. V's. I thought I would work at TH until I precepted at St. V's on 4B.
  10. by   renerian
    I hope someone can help you with TH.

  11. by   pbrookes
    Thanks to all that replied. I will definitely be precepting on 4B at St. v's.
    I attended a health career fair today at Owens. It's a little frustrating because many of the area hospitals are saying there are not alot of positions right now because census is low.

    I also talked to U of M and they said they are always hiring. It would be about a 45 min drive each way. [Dragonfly, I saw that you currently work in Michigan. Do you know anything about U of M or DMC hospitals in detroit? By the way it sounds like you had a good experience on 4B~I'm really looking forward to my preceptorship.]Thanks again for everyone's input I really appreciate it.