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I'm moving to Ohio in a few months from Connecticut, where I was first licensed and have held my RN license for about 2.5 years. I'm trying to figure out the Ohio licensure application by endorsement and am getting stuck on the CE requirement -- the "two contact hours of Ohio Law and Rule Category A." I can't figure out if this an Ohio-specific CE I definitely wouldn't have done already, or if any CEs I have done in Connecticut might fill this requirement. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!


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Unless the law CEU you've done was approved by the OBN it will not fulfill the requirements. This CEU is Ohio specific.


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As an RN, we are required to complete 24 contact hours every two years. A minimum of 1 of those 24 contact hours must be related to the laws and rules of the Ohio Nurse Practice Act known as Category A. I complete mine through Net CE ONA#20456. Go to NetCE-26Hours for only $29.

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Oh wait! My Ohio CEU's are accepted in Michigan, with the addition of their required Human Trafficking CEU. When in doubt contact the BON.State of Ohio Board of Nursing Main Page


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thanks all! I think I figured it out.


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Just out of curiosity, why are you relocating to OH. (I live in OH lol) but I've always heard CT is one of the best places to live and that their nurses get paid very well. I actually plan to visit there someday to feel it out, I might want to relocate there someday