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I am a nurse in Ohio and got a DUI. I was wondering if any other Ohio nurses reported a DUI to the board and what happened? I am just trying to find out what to expect.

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Not from Ohio, so I can't speak to that aspect. I got a DUI in Florida, whose Board is rather unforgiving in these matters. I wound up in a monitoring program for 5 years--no fun, but I learned a lot and grew a lot, so it was OK.

Just wanted to say Good Luck, and remember that, no matter how it comes out, you can get through it!

If you need or want additional info and support, you can always check out the Nurses/Recovery forum here at AN--some amazing people posting really good stuff there.


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Hi Laylag10,

I am in Ohio and received a DUI in 2007. 1st offense. I self reported. Need to write out what happened, what you learned from it. No discipline and ok'd to further education. But don't wait. Hope this helps.