Oh yeah, so that's why I became a nurse


I've only been a nurse for a year 1/2, and it's been a stressful one to say the least.. several times I have questioned what the heck I was thinking becoming a nurse. The stress is hard to bear sometimes.

But there's special moments that remind me of why I became a nurse, and why despite the stress I absolutely love being a nurse.

I work in a busy ER, which I'm new to, and was asked by a co worker to medicate a patient with a couple tylenol. No problem, i can handle that! Little did I know, this patient had a traumatic brain injury in the past, unable to swallow. She required her medications to be crushed and put into pudding. I sat at her bedside for about 10-15 minutes assisting her to take her tylenol and talking to her and her family. Afterward, I came back to discharge her, and though she was unable to talk, texted into her phone "you are a VERY SWEET lady" and gave me a big hug. And, our amazing ER doctor wrote on her discharge papers "good luck, he's (her boyfriend) a lucky man to be with a beautiful girl like you) Was one of the best moments in nursing to me, and that makes all the stress, all the BS and frustration that comes along in nursing worth every second.

I just wanted to share a happy nursing moment, as we all know they're very few and far between!


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wow, thats really sweet of you ^^ that is what a nurse do in that moment, and you are that one. keep going on.

(don't worry, be happy) ---nana


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that is really sweet and i wish you the best.


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Awwwwwwwwww.......... thanks for sharing your story. I needed that today.


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That is sooo sweet! Thank you for sharing!


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thanks for sharing! definitely made me smile... :)

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