Officially not going to be a school nurse after all, at least not this year.


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What a mess this turned into. I posted about receiving an offer for a school nurse position. The goal was to start 10/18 so that I could give my job about three weeks notice, no less than two. I told her I would wait for the offer letter before resigning from my current position. She agreed that was the responsible thing to do. I received an email stating HR needed my transcript before they could send out the letter, which I scrambled to get quickly. Well, I didn't end up getting the letter until this past Monday, and it was $3k less than we talked about, and $10K less prorated from the end of August until Oct 18th. I called HR just to confirm and be able to do the math out, but I couldn't get in touch with the HR director until 4pm on Tuesday. Everything was squared away, and I was going to go down to the school to turn in my paperwork today, and officially resign from my current position.

Initially, the DON said we would work around HR and if I needed to start later then that's what we'd have to do. I emaiiled the DON to discuss my start date, because at this point I'd be giving my work less than 1 1/2 weeks notice, which I wouldn't do to any employer. I told her I could work my days off from my current position that week and start a full week on the 25th. She emailed me back telling me she expects me to start the 18th as we discussed and that she gave me enough time to give a two week notice, that I have to take orientation to school nursing at a local university (which I have to pay $150 for when she initially told me it would be nominal, not more than $20). I had already told her I wouldn't hand in a resignation letter without that offer letter, and it came more than a week after I was told to expect it. She was abrupt in the email, and it got me thinking about my employment there, and if this is how she's treating me now before I even officially accepted the offer letter then it will only get worse once I start there. It also made me wonder if there was a reason why the position was posted at the beginning of July and still wasn't filled by October when jobs around here are so scarce and it's a state position. I talked long and hard with my fiance about it and finally called her around noon to let her know I was respectfully declining employment. She was very surprised and I tried to keep it professional, just letting her know I had my personal reasons but also because I wouldn't give an employer any less than two weeks. She said to me I was the one who told her I needed two weeks, and that if it was a matter of needing a few more days she could've rearranged my start date (um, HELLO, you just told me that wouldn't be possible but now it miraculously is?). I said yes, I told her I needed two weeks, and I also had emailed her stating I had just received a week later than I was supposed to, and I wouldn't leave any employer mid work week, that it I felt it was unprofessional, especially if I wanted to use my job as a future reference and that this is a position that just isn't going to work for me. She said she was glad I was honest but that she was VERY disappointed. I told her I was too, and to take care.

I feel really guilty, but part of me thinks maybe I dodged a bullet? What do you think? Did I overreact or jump the gun?


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i really think you did the right thing. when a director/leader cannot get their story straight and take care of you in the beginning, what are the chances that things will get better. i wish you the best of luck. if you are looking to be a school nurse, i will bet that there is a job out there for you soon.

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Sometimes you just have to trust your "gut." Time to move on from this experience and see what else is on the horizon. Best of luck to you.

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I'm sorry your experience was a negative one. :(


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I would have definitely RAN far, far away from that employment opportunity!

Kudos to you!


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you just dodge a huge bullet.

Good for you for trusting your gut. This was a nightmare waiting to happen.