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Is it just in West Virginia, or is there alot of politics involved in your hospitals? I call it the GOB network (Good Ole Boys). They have recently "redesigned" our hosp, managers have 2-3 departments, no raises, etc. All this due to very poor spending by our CEO. In the midst of this, they give a retired OB/GYN a cushy job over OR, make his girlfriend nurse manager & his daughter nurse manager over two units.


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Oh, my! You surely do live in the GOB neighborhood! It's not that bad where I am. It's more like a business, where the one who's done the most cuts gets promoted. wink.gif There should be a policy like in government, where family members will not be placed in positions of authority. I don't know how you'd check into getting a policy like that in place, as the GOB's usually stick up for themselves and no one else. All I can say is: GOOD LUCK!!!!!


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Office politics in my mind is just another definition of spiritual immaturity. I think the answer to dealing with it is doing self examination or introspection to make sure you are part of the solution and not part of the problem. Anywhere you go there are going to be people who for one reason or another are engaged in office politics. The extent of the politics depends on the leadership. If you feel that you have good quality, empowering leadership, and you are not part of the problem than perhaps you should be patient and stick this out. If you find that you no longer have anything positive to contribute, then perhaps you should look elsewhere. God Bless.


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That type of office politics is in every medical facility, even in a goverment facility. I have watched supers hire their friend's daughter, son,etc. One boss hired someone who then hired his wife. So it still works the same. Ever hear the saying "its not what you know, it's who you know."? I have found one business that doesn't operate that way. I jumped on that bandwagon and am riding away from "office politics" right now.

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