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Just curious--What is the going rate around the country for office RN's? Alabama $!9/hr-been with this doc in sole practice for 6 1/2 years with 20 yrs experience---Thanks!!!!


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I left office nursing a little over 1 yr ago d/t pay........and did you say $19 or $9??

I made about $13.50/hr when I left........and not-so-great benefits.


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In the city of Philadelphia,PA Ambulatory RNs (including general peds practice) is about $20/hr. Well, at least, at the institution I worked for.:nurse:

Although 5 miles away, just outside the city the pay is $5-7 less an hour.


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I work in an office in Fl and the nurse for Internal Medicine Doctor. Been there 6 years and making 13.48 an hour ( started at 10.50).

I wouldn't trade my job for anything! The Doc is wonderful to work for and no week-end or holidays..I get PTO's and that includes like 6 weeks a year off for I am very satisfied. Of course more money would be ok

I do get overtime over 40 hours...and believe me it happens every week.....Jeanne


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I meant $19/hr---4 days a week with 15 vacation days and 5 holidays a year-

The reason I'm wondering is because I've done every kind of nursing over these 20 yrs., and I'm weighing the pros and cons of "Should I stay or should I go, now?"(as The Kinks lament!)

My boss is a nut and on the verge of bankrupcy(?), we work with only 4 people in the office with absolute bare bones supplies, and have been asked to hold our paychecks for a few days on occasion---Needless to say, the office morale is not too swift, either--

Thanks for your input---


I live in Tn. I've been working for an Internal Medicine Dr. for 7 yrs. My pay is $12.25/hr. He pays 1/2 my insurance and gives us 2 weeks vacation/yr. The pay and extra's are not that great, But the hours make up the difference.:chair:


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goldawgz: leave by the nearest exit!

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Since you wrote this post in August I hope you have left that job. I just started in office nursing and so far so good. I took a pay cut from the hospital but sometimes the pay doesn't make up for the call and the abuse. Everyone in the office seems really nice and the docs are great.

BTW--"Should I stay or should I go" was sung by The Clash, not the Kinks.:cool:


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yes the hours are great but the pay does stink that's the only think i don't like about office nursing i love getting to know my patients and knowing them on a personal basis.


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I work for a dermatology office and the pay stinks and I would have to pay over $300/month to have insurance but i love the job itself....there's alot of management problems and really backwards things going on and am looking into other offices and even correctional nursing. It's certainly a trade off...good hours, Mon-Fri equals time with the most important things in my son who needs me and who will at the end of my life be what I judge my whole life by...not what I did for a living. More offices should keep professional nurses to keep up the best quality care. My thoughts only.

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