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Is it just me or am I just missing something? I can't find the "off-topic" page of the board? Whazzup?


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yikes, just found it!! WAAAAAAY down at the bottom of the "home" page. Why did we have to hide it?


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WoW.........That freaked me out too!!!!!!!!! It was crazy........thought I was going to cry!!!!! ;)

:roll :roll


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That is really going to take some getting used to!!! I'm just thankful it is still with us!!

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Brian considers requests for new forums (place in allnurses feedback area). If enough interest generated in a topic, he'll

place the new forum at the top of the BB to allow it to develop a following. After about 6 mos-year, places the forum where he desires in the organizational structure of the BB.

Brian constantly strives to keep this a NURSING CENTERED BB where posters from around the world and from all areas of nursing:lay persons considering nursing --students --seasoned staff---educators---administrator----retirees, can share their stories, ask advice + council, obtain support for dealing with the daily grind/workplace issues, try out new practice ideas, and educate ourselves.

Please use the allnurses feedback area to address all concerns about the BB as it's impossible for him to read all the posts these days. The Moderators keep him informed of most urgant concerns but even some things slip by us.

Thanks for the feedback.

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When I couldn't find it at first, I thought we were being punished. Then I found it....


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Specializes in Hospice, Critical Care. post originally was not intended as "feedback." I simply could not find the offtopic page and was looking for guidance. Then I found it. That's all I needed. Was not meant as any other kind of comment. Yeesh.

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just in my humble threader/reader opinion.....

let's please if you have questions about use the feedback forum.....

general nursing is for general nursing questions.........

yikes, I am starting to sound like my "mom" :)


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Usually the General Nursing Discussion page sees more traffic, I'm sure Zee posted it there so the liklihood of her question getting addressed would increase. That is all.


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You're absolutely right, Susy K; thank you. I have never once looked in the feedback forum in my entire allnurses time. Having never been there, I would never expect to post a question there.

It was a simple bloody question! Yeesh again.

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