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I have been OCN certified for quite a few years.I have always

taken the recertification exam when my cert.expired. I need re-certification by the end of 2004.I have been thinking about going the way of the 100CEU's. Has anyone done this?? I have started this and actually have a number of them all ready.I just wondered

if anyone out there has done it & did it workout OK.

I have been doing a lot of internet CEU's--Nsg Spectrum,Cancer Source and MY FREE CE's.

Thanks everyone!!


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Yes, recertified that way two years ago. (Much easier than my having to be 90 miles away at a test site by 8 am!)

Pay attention to how many of the CEU's need to be oncology related, etc. And at the time, only a certain percentage could be from online courses, but that may have changed.

Just be sure you read the requirements carefully, and it will work out fine!

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I recertified with CEUs this last summer. And it worked fine.

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