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OCCC Spring 2010 Alternates



Just wondering if anyone has heard how many alternates they would be accepting for the Spring 2010 Traditional Program?

If not, does anyone know who at the school I could ask?

Thanks for your help!

I dunno how many... guess it depends on how many don't meet the requirements or have decided to go to a different school.

If you have a low number on the alt list I'd be ready to jump in at a moments notice.

Hope you make it! Keep us posted.

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We are unable to post names but if you just call the school and ask for the Nursing Department, you will find out who has the information.

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Unable to provide names

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I would advise going to speak to the advisor their. They are very helpful!

Hey I was just wondering if you found out any info about the alternates? My close friend is 11th on the list, nail biting close!

FYI my friend got a call this morning saying that she's in! She was #11 on the alternate list. GL!

Are you kidding?!

I havent heard anything yet.

I will call tomorrow and see what they say.

Ill let you know...

Thanks for the info!

Yeah she was totally stoked as you can imagine. We were both shocked that she got called so quickly! I hope you're close and get in!! I know when I was turning in my immunizations they said most of the people decide to drop after orientation which is Dec 11th!! Let us know!!

You know what's funny?

Im actually number 12. :D

Oh YAY! I hope you get a call before Friday!

No, unfortunately not.

I'm still waiting...