OCCC Fall 16 Nursing Program


Hello! I am hoping to apply at OCCC nursing program (Traditional pathway) for Fall 2016. I am really weary about my points. I've heard in the past cut off was normally 16 but these past two semesters have been as low as 12-13!! I am hopeful to have 15 if I capitalize on the TEAS test. Wondering what anyone else has heard & other candidates points were. Please post with any feedback including your points as well as anything that you've heard about the fall 2016 admissions. Thanks & ill hopeful for all of us to be accepted!


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I plan on applying as well. I currently have 14 points. I already took my TEAS and made a 77, but I had not had any college level science courses. I'm enrolled in A&P I and Chem right now, so I think I'll try to take it again right before the deadline since I'll have more science knowledge. If I can bump it up to a 79, I can get the 4 point preference point max. As of now, I only have a 3.49 GPA but I meet all of the requirements and have taken all of the necessary testing. I'm going in as a long shot, because I know my points are low, so I won't be devastated if I don't make it this semester. When this semester is over, I'll be up to 17 points (as long as I continue on with these classes with an A). If I don't make it, I'll just finish up A&P II and Micro and be prepared to apply again!


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I've heard as low as 12 also. I'm taking the math test for preference points on Friday. If I pass it, I'll have 17 points and a 3.49 GPA on my application! It's getting so close! Good luck


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Hi! I didn't apply for spring 16 bc I only had 14 points... But then I heard they took a 12. Hoping this semester won't be quite as competitive again. I want to say I heard that fall 2015 was very competitive, like people with 17s got waitlisted. I could be wrong though! I'll be applying with 16 points and a 3.0 gpa. Really hope I get in bc I only have A&P2 left to take. I'm enrolling in med terminology for the summer so I can apply to an lpn program as a back up. Possibly waiting until Sept. and applying for spring 2017 if I don't make the cut. Best of luck to everyone! I'll be following this thread!


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I had a friend that got in fall 2015 with a 15 and about a 3.4! I'm hoping this fall will be fine, but I've heard fall is harder than spring because of the time of the classes??


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Hey! I applied last semester I applied with 11 points and was wait listed at 12. I reapplied this semester with 19 points! Hopefully that's sealing a position for me!


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Hi! I just got back from turning in my application and I applied with 16 pts with a 3.2 gpa. Im curious to see how many points everyone else got!!I talked to an advisor before turning in the application and she said that she can't tell me that I'm guaranteed in but 16 points is good. Hopefully everything goes well. GOOD LUCK GUYS!!


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I'll be applying with 17 points and a 3.72 GPA. Good Luck everyone!


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I just submitted my application the other day with 14 preference points and a 3.0 gpa. I feel like that is pretty borderline.

I also applied to the program but I only have 15 points and a 3.85 GPA so I am not getting my hopes up!


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People got in last semester and the semester prior with 11-13 points!! I think everyone should be fine.