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OCCC BADNAP-Spring 2021


Hello Everyone! This thread is for students applying to the BADNAP program for Spring 2021.

Hello! I am applying for Spring 2021!

Yay me too! Have you had a chance to take the TEAS?

I took it at the end of January just to see where I was at and in case I needed to retake, now I’m glad I took it when I did since it looks like I may not have the chance to retake it!

Lucky you! I didn’t get chance to take it and I’m nervous that I won’t have the opportunity to apply because of this stupid pandemic.

I hope they’ll offer some kind of a waiver or something else to replace the entrance exams, some of the programs are doing that. What a mess this whole COVID thing has caused!

They just posted testing dates for the TEAS, im going to sign up for next month! hopefully I get a better score. Is the application on nursingCAS yet?

That’s great! I’m glad you’ll be able to test!

I haven’t checked the website in a few days, I need to do that!

Yes! I haven’t seen many changes. Nothing about BADNAP. Do you have any study tips for the TEAS? Did you get the score you wanted

I purchased the TEAS study guide and 2 practice exams from the ATI website and found those very helpful! The science section of my exam was heavy in Microbiology content and not as much A&P as I had anticipated. I made an 87, was hoping to do a bit better, but considering it’s been 20+ years since I’ve been in school, I was overall pleased 😁

I'm also applying for the Spring 2020 program. I have taken the TEAS twice and got a 74 on my second try, so ill probably call it good on that. I bought a TEAS study guide on amazon and studied a couple of times a week for about 3 weeks the second time I took it and raised it 10 points!

That's awesome. This will be my second time taking it I'm aiming for at least an 80! I'm praying I get it, I'm so ready to apply and get the ball rolling.