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OB nursing diagnosis help needed

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I'm in my final clinical rotation of my LVN career and I'm finally too stumped to find an answer! I'm really struggling to come up with 5 OB nursing diagnosis and interventions. My careplan books doesn't have a single think it in related to OB!!!

Objective: My pt. G2P1 induced at term. I took on her care at 0700 and she delivered w/o complications at 1358. Had a 2nd deg lac. She was on pit @42ml/hr. Epidural. GBS neg. AROM - clear

Subjective: Rang the call light for every-little thing... pressure, FHT not audible (I had it on a monitor just infront of me - baby was fine, mom was just wiggly) Def a knowledge deficit - so I really need just 4 more.

In my mind, I think that Risk for Injury is #1, but we've been told that you can't use a r/f as your priority diagnosis. I don't know why. I believe that if mama isn't safe, then baby isn't safe.

I'm just having trouble getting all of my thoughts collected and into diagnosis, intervention, and rationale. I have to have 4 more by 7 am tomorrow!!! :uhoh3::uhoh3::uhoh3::uhoh3::uhoh3:

Anyone have any help for me?

(I've googled like crazy, both on this site and the world wide web. Not finding anything for a normal L&D)



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Well, she has a 2nd degree laceration. What problems might result from that? Why was she induced if it was a "normal" L&D?

How much blood loss during deliver? Does she have continued bleeding?

She has at least 2 knowledge deficits. Herself and baby.

Is she breastfeeding? How is it going?

Isn't she in pain and taking any meds for a 2nd degree laceration?


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