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Hi all,

When I started in nursing 3 years ago as a L&D nurse, I was initially lured by the perks that nurses have - such as not working 5 days a week. Working 3 twelve hour shifts was enticing...and yes, I do like it.

But now I am pregnant (yeay!) and I am having difficulty trying to figure out what daycares are open before 7a and after 6p ...well, they don't exist!! My husband is a resident so I cannot rely on his hours or ability to cover me while at work, even on a night shift.

So, to all of you with children, I am desperate for ideas for childcare. What did you do?

Thanks so much!


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For the past 6 years my husband and I have worked around each other's schedule. So on his days off, I would work. However, last year he started working in the airline industry and that became more difficult as his schedule tends to change alot. I ended up going prn. This gave us alot of flexibility. He carried the benefits so we didn't need double coverage. I'm now working m-f 8am-5pm as an instructor. His parents moved here about 9 months ago and they watch our kids when we're both at work. Hope that gives you some ideas. Congrats on your new little one:-}


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I have 3 kids and thought about going to night shift, but I could never do it full time. Have worked one here and there but it did me in. My kids are 5, 10 and 12 and luckily my parents and my husbands dad are close so that is who we depend on for childcare. Next year when the kids start school I will have all 3 in school, and will possibly look into the school districts after school care or at least the kindergarten enrichment program for my son. My husband works in retail and often works 7-8 shifts in a row, but he works 6-3. It's worked for us for a year now (prior he was out of work so he was Mr. Mom LOL!)

Hopefully someone else has some advice for you too!


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We have an au pair. That provides us a lot of flexibility in our schedule and is also much cheaper than day care. They are restricted to 45 hours a week, no more than 10 hours a day, so you have to have someone to make up that extra time (my kids go to daycare part time as well because I work a lot of nights and my husband is out of town for work.


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As a single mom (my youngest is 19 :) I didn't use centers but had several very kind, stay at home moms watch my children, even over night, for a fee. I admit that I didn't pay what they charge today (In 1990 I paid $2500 for 2 kids under age 5, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. My daughter paid over $12000 last year for her son, born Feb 2008, for just 3 days a week.) What I see parents doing today is bartering childcare for other services. Say build a deck for the person who watches your kid. Be innovative.

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