Where are the daytime L&D jobs?

  1. Hello there and thank you in advance for reading my post .

    I am a new grad working on an ortho/neuro/med/surg floor. The work is very interesting (learning, learning, learning) and I love the patients (okay, most of the patients). However, I am looking to relocate d/t a variety of problems within the hospital where I am working and larger problems that are growing rapidly within my daughters' school district. I was raised a "construction brat" and on top of that, married a military man. I am looking to improve the quality of life for my girls and I by choosing a better community for us to live in.


    My dream was originally to become a midwife...something that I had to put on the backburner for awhile. But now my dream is really resurfacing and almost wish that it wouldn't. As a single mom of elementary school aged children, I can not work a night shift job. I know that most L&D openings start with working night shift.

    I thought I would put a message in a bottle:

    Does anyone know a great community with decent schools, a really great public library, a welcoming attitude toward divorced parents, a day shift L&D job opportunity or a day shift med/surg opportunity that could lead to an L&D opportunity and a place where a non-yuppie devoted mama could hang her hat and find some friends?

    While I am dreaming...I also want a jacuzzi .

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  3. by   rn/writer
    Don't be too quick to rule out night shift. If you can find a trusted caregiver, she could stay with your kids at night while you work. You can sleep while the kids are in school and then spend the evening with them just like normal folks do.

    Dh and I did this for years while we both worked third shift. The schedule needs tweaking for holiday and summers, but it makes you so much more marketable. When something opens up on days, you'll have s better chance of getting it than someone from outside the unit. Once you get a day position, you can then resume a conventional life.

    I wish you well.
  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Few and far between. I have worked in my place 7 years and can't get one, yet. Just PRN. It's very common to have nurses stay in an L/D unit for 20 or more years' duration. And many places, seniority rules, so they naturally, get all the day shift slots that come up.

    You can always try to be PRN like I am----I am finding night shift more and more unacceptable physically. And I am rather tired of waiting forever, so I just have two PRN jobs in different places, so I can get my dayshifts that way.

    Getting a day job in L/D can be very difficult many places....so be patient and keep your ear to the ground.
  5. by   rpbear
    I am moving to Colorado Springs soon. (military wife also) There are several L&D jobs at one hospital, 2 of them are day shift. Good Schools, great community, cost of living is slightly high though. Where I work now, the new hires don't all go to nights, because then the entire night shift would be new people, and that is NOT good. When openings come up, then they are rotated between a new hire and someone on the list to go to days. I think this is a goo idea so all the new poeple are not on nights and all the experience is on days.

    Good luck with your search for better opportunities for you and your children!
  6. by   asher315
    Conway, AR. We are needing day and night shift nurses. You would probably start on day shift learning mother-baby care and then progress to L&D. Good schools (I'm told-single, no kids). Growing by leaps and bounds. Just about 30 miles north of the Little Rock (the capital). We do 12 hr shifts. It might make for a nice change of scenery. Good luck in finding what you need and want!
    PS: Midwives (nurse midwives) are very limited in the state as a whole and not in Conway at all. Also, no school of Midwifery (spelling?) close that I know of.
    Good luck!
  7. by   EveMJRN
    How about Corpus Christi or Arizona? I'm not from there but I always see ads in the back of some nursing magazines like Nursing 2006 and AJN etc. about postions that are open with the option of Day shifts, retraining and money for relocation available... just a thought hope this helps...PM if you want more info.
  8. by   SmilingBluEyes
    As far as midwife education, have you checked out Frontier School for Midwives? Much of this is done by distance learning, so you could virtually live ANYplace and train to be a midwife. Just a thought....
  9. by   mitchsmom
    i recently got on days as a new grad at my hospital... but i live in a rural (underserved) area with basically a high need for all nurses.

    have you done some of the relocation calculators online? (try to google "best laces to live calculator") i would start there! best wishes

    ps... even with frontier (a distance midwifery program), from what i understand you do eventually have to precept with a cnm so you'd have to have access to that & keep that in mind if that's a possibility for you in the future. as you've read, some states/areas are more midwife friendly than others.
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  10. by   introspectiveRN
    Thank you everyone :blushkiss . What a greatly affirming response. I will follow up with several of the points/suggestions.

    Lots of good ideas...just what I would expect from nurses! Yeah, I know .... we rock dude!

    God bless you all and your loved ones,

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