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Many years ago, hospitals used to give out gift packs that took care of essentials for about the first month after having a baby. I've heard things have changed. What does your hospital give... Read More

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    Quote from michelle126
    Ah....the old cord care debate. LOL. SIL had baby at a different hospital they put a purple solution around it? What was that? I'm due with #4 in a few weeks and will be curious to see if they recomment the alcohol.

    As far as the OP question....need or want? LOL. I check in on the babycenter boards for my due date and I can tell you its crazy what people are buying. OBheather covered the basics.
    If nursing...a must have is lanolin. Saved my life. LOL. Spit cloths are always needed too.
    Prmenrs....knock on wood, I've never had to take my baby or small child's temp! But I hear you on that issue.
    I believe that would be gentian violet? (No idea how to spell it either.)
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    It's "triple dye".


    excerpted from the above web site:

    "Triple dye

    Triple dye is a combination of brilliant green (0.2%), proflavine hemisulfate (0.1%) and gentian violet (0.1%). It is bacteriostatic against gram-positive bacteria but less effective against gram-negative bacteria. It is fungicidal but has weak virucidal activity and is not sporicidal. It colours the skin bright purple. Triple dye has the advantage of a prolonged antibacterial effect after a single application.

    In several studies, triple dye was found to be more effective in reducing umbilical colonization by staphylococcal and streptococcal organisms in hospital nurseries than alcohol,91 hexachlorophene,92 bacitracin ointment93 and povidone-iodine.94 It is effective even if applied only once. Triple dye has also been shown to reduce colonization by methicillin-resistant S. aureus although it could not totally eradicate the organism.95

    However, triple dye is not effective against group B haemolytic streptococcal organisms; it may in fact promote colonization from this organism, as well as from gram-negative organisms.96,97 Triple dye may increase cord separation time.81, 98 Crystal violet, one of the components of triple dye, has been associated with necrotic skin reactions in adults and babies.99 Sensitization to brilliant green, another component of triple dye, has been reported." (the #'s are references to the article)

    I agree w/the clean and dry, diaper low, no tub bath routine. It's 'evidence based practice'. But I tell moms not to put anything on it unless their peds tells them other wise. And I know that my colleagues don't believe the latest literature, and teach them to use alcohol. So....???
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    Quote from Angie O'Plasty, RN
    I believe that would be gentian violet? (No idea how to spell it either.)
    I think that's what they sometimes use for oral thrush in babies.

    I much prefer Nystatin though - I used to use it as a kid when my mom flooded me with antibiotics from the doctor's office where she worked - and the sweet banana smell is nostalgic for me!