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  1. I'm just wondering what your OB unit is like. We renovated ours a couple of years ago and we have LDRP's now. What do you have in the hospital you work at?
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  3. by   RN007
    Just finished my OB rotation and this hospital has 9 LDRPs and 3 gyn rooms. Plus 3 triage beds and its own surgical suite. The hospital where I gave birth twice was about the same setup -- except they have jacuzzis .
  4. by   OBNurseryRN2006
    We have 3 LDR's (we really only use 2 of them and the 3rd for NST's etc)and 2 private postpartum rooms (mostly used for c/s) and 2 semi-private postpartum room (4 beds) for a total of 6 postpartum beds. We have a c/s suite and a well baby newborn nursery - that's about it - we do approx 30 deliveries/month. It's a small unit. We are just starting to get gynie surgeries and breast reductions (approx 1-2/wk). We are in the process of getting a jucuzzi tub room. We don't offer epidurals. Started doing intrathecals about 1 yr ag- so far most pt's who get one find it not all that effective and lots of side effect. Management wants our unit to become the "women's center" of the area - but boy we have a long way to go. A lg majority of women in the area drive 90 miles to deliver at the next closest hospital so they can have more options - epidurals, CNM's, jucuzzi tubs in all rooms, nicu in hospital, and female ob/gyn's. We currently have 2 OB's (male) and 7 FP docs who do deliveries. Only OB's do the c/s - obviously. No Pediatricians. All sick babes/preemies/high risk moms are transferred 180 miles away.
  5. by   eden
    We have 4 separate units. There is a 16 bed LDRP unit for low risk, a 6 or 8 bed triage unit, an 8 bed L&D for high risk and over flow of low risk and a 37( I think) bed PP unit for those who deliver on L&D. We do not a a nursery, it is all rooming in.
  6. by   Lyndilu
    We have 14 LDRs...4 recovery room stretchers..3 ORs dedicated just to OB..then 50 PP beds on a separate unit. Our 12 bed Antepartum unit is separate as well.
  7. by   HappyNurse2005
    hmm....let me think (and count)

    8 LDR's
    10 antepartum rooms
    3 bed triage unit
    3 OR's dedicated to OB surgery (some c/s are also done in general OR)
    OB pacu

    275-300 deliveries a month

    upstairs is the mother/baby unit well baby nursery (i dont know the number of beds, but its a whole floor)

    nicu is 60 beds

    hospital is merging with another much larger hospital, so brand new units are being built for all. i hear us (L&D and antepartum) will get 8 more beds.
  8. by   HappyNurse2005
    though, on occasion, its been busy enough that a vaginal delivery was done in the OB pacu.
  9. by   klone
    We have 5 LDRs, 7 private postpartum rooms and 2 semi-private postpartum rooms (2 beds each). The LDRs are used for triage also. They're in the process of building us a 4-bed triage area across the hall from our unit.

    Right now we're doing about 1200-1400 births/year, and this department is WOEFULLY inadequate for the volume. They keep promising us a bigger, better department, but we're somewhat skeptical that it will happen any time soon.
  10. by   33-weeker
    we have 10 ldrs on the l&d side of the atrium. we have 2 obs/triage (semi-privates = 4 beds) for obs., nsts, and pre-op scheduled sections.

    on the pp side of the atrium, we have 7 more of the private rooms that were originally intended to be ldrs, but because of the distance to the l&d desk, they get used as pp rooms only. we have 7 more private pp rooms and 2 semis (4 beds) that are pp only set ups. one pp room is a negative pressure room for isolation.

    the level i nursery is in the middle of pp and the level ii is in the middle of l&d. we have 3 ors. our level i can hold up to about 25-28 babies
    (then we run out of cribs - ), transition nsy. has 5 warmer beds, and level ii can hold about 12-14 if we pack them in. it has 2 isolation rooms.

    we do about 225-230 deliveries a month.
  11. by   RNLaborNurse4U
    We have separate units for L&D, antepartum, and postpartum/nursery.

    On L&D, we have:
    14 LDR rooms (private)
    3 triage beds (all in one room) - but we are building a new triage area, expanding it to 6 beds
    4 bed PACU area - also used as overflow for triage/LDR
    2 OR's (a 3rd one is just storage for now, but we plan on utilizing it again soon)

    We labor, deliver, recover (1-2 hrs), triage, do our own c/s, and have high risk ante/postpartum patients. As soon as they are stable enough for transfer, they are off the unit, because of our high number of patients coming in.

    We have 2 separate antepartum units for stable patients. One has 7 private beds, the other has semi-private rooms (not sure on the # of beds, but it's probably around 14-16?) where they have antepartum, stable postpartum, post GYN surgical patients also.

    We have a separate postpartum unit, with 32-35 beds (I think?). It's being renovated right now, so some beds are closed off, and some patients are being diverted to the semi private antepartum unit (see above).

    We have 2 nurseries - one regular nursery (main nursery), and one overflow nursery that is primarily used for circumcisions. The overflow nursery does not have windows to look in, but the main one does, thus the utilization of the overflow for circs.

    We have a separate level 3 NICU, about 35 beds or so. They have room for overflow if needed.

    We do about 400 deliveries per month, but do a huge number of high risk patients both ante and postpartum. We get all of the transfers that other hospitals do not accept. We turn no one away. Sometimes we get the transfers stable enough, and far enough in gestation, to be transported back to their home hospital to deliver their babies. This is rare, but it does happen.
  12. by   ragingmomster
    we have a 3 stretcher triage room

    7 LDRP's

    16 high risk beds

    4 DR's/OR's

    30 beds post-partum

    30 bed nursery

    20 convalescent nursery beds

    50 bed NICU

    we do our own pacu right in the room the pt came out of
  13. by   babynrsrn
    Wow! Some of you have huge units!
  14. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I work two places:

    Place one: 10 LDRP rooms and 10 GYN/general beds. All private. We also use the GYN rooms for re-admitted Bili treatment babies.

    Place two: 5 LDRs and 1 triage room and 5 or 6 PP/Mother-baby rooms. All rooms private this place, too.

    Both places we do about 65-70 del/mo...but place number one, we do a lot of GYN cases (really most all of them, versus the surgical floor)

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