UCSD, Scripps, Sharp Mary Birch Mom/Baby?

  1. Hello all! Any nurses in San Diego have any input (nursing or personal experiences) at the following hospitals: UCSD Medical Center (LaJolla/Hillcrest), Scripps Memorial Hospital (LaJolla), and Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for mother/baby???'

    Thank you all for your time and replies!
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  3. by   RNmommy
    I worked at Scripps for two years before moving to Texas. I would have stayed there until I retired, had I not moved away. I had both my children there and would choose Scripps over any other San Diego Hospital both to work and to give birth. I did some clinicals at SMB and had a couple of relatives deliver there. I was not overly impressed but they do have a level III NICU and do high risk deliveries. UCSD Thornton in La Jolla does not have a maternity department. UCSD Medical Center in Hillcrest serves a mostly indigent population, also has a Level III NICU and does lots of high risk. The benefits are the best at UCSD. Scripps pays well and is non-union. Sharp also pays well but is unionized, as is UCSD.

    Do you have any specific questions? You can send me a PM.
  4. by   hogan4736
    ucsd hillcrest has a lot of homeless and HIV...a large teaching hospital...things move slow in the ED d/t the residents seeing ER pts, AFTER and before the attending...
  5. by   prmenrs
    RE: UCSD is very pro-breastfeeding. If a mom wants to bottle feed, she's in for a hard time unless she has no breasts. In that case, they might cut her a break. If they want to supplement, and beg long enough, they get bottled Nutramagen w/which to do it. Bleech. They have several lactation consultants to help.

    (I'm very pro-bfg, too, but the medical and nursing staff there are positively rabid.)

    Just be warned.
  6. by   rn_happy
    Thanks to all who replied.....so how do you all feel about union versus non union? I read from others that replied that a great hospital w/ great management would not need the services of a union.....
  7. by   rn_happy
    I'm new to the forum.....so, how would I check a private PM if I received one? Thank you for your reply.
  8. by   rn_happy
    OH, I figured it out! Never mind, silly me!!!:selfbonk:
  9. by   rn_happy
    just an update.......rather than the mother/baby unit I've accepted a position in the NICU and will be starting shortly so thank you both for replying......perhaps in the future I will get an opportunity to work mother/baby and sure do look forward to it!
  10. by   RNmommy
    Congrats and good luck

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