Toaster troubles...

  1. Hi everyone,

    A couple of years ago, we had a toaster oven in our unit. One night someone accidentally left a pot holder under it and it caught fire. After that incident, ALL toaster ovens AND toasters were BANNED from patient care areas. It is really inconvenient for our small OB unit because our patients often ask for toast. The only way to get toast is to go down to the cafeteria for it which takes us off of the unit. How many of you out there have a "toaster" ban? Just curious....
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  3. by   ShandyLynnRN
    we have a regular toaster, microwave, and coffee pot. None are banned in our hospital. although we did just about catch the place on fire one night when the microwave freaked out on us.
  4. by   dawngloves
    We do. Someone burned their toast and set off the fire alarm. NM stormed into the break room, pulled out the plug and stomped out with it, never saw it again!
    Had a pop corn ban in another facility when someone burned it and set off the smoke alarm.
  5. by   Cheerio
    We have a toaster, kettle and microwave, never had a problem.
    We have a toaster, microwave, and a crockpot of hot soup at all times for our moms.

    No problems here.

    Too bad your NM had to treat you all like preschoolers and take your toys away.

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  7. by   Cheerio
    Oohh.. I bet our mom's would love a crockpot with soup. Very jealous here, lol.
  8. by   emily_mom
    We have it all but the toaster is such junk that it doesn't toast worth a poop anyway.
  9. by   HazeK
    We have a four-slice toaster & a microwave...
    and a big sign :

    personnell MUST remain in attendance at all times when appliance is in use!

    "you, too, can prevent unit fires" Smokey The Bare
  10. by   HazeK
    but what I really want is a snow cone machine!!!!!

  11. by   Mimi Wheeze
    Yeah, I can't believe they just took them away. Seems they went a tad bit overboard.
    Originally posted by HazeK
    but what I really want is a snow cone machine!!!!!

    Yeah, that would be cool!
  13. by   NurseShell
    Heather, what kind of soup? Chicken?

    Just curious since all I was ever offered was ice chips! Bleck!
    There is a different soup every day of the week.

    Beef Noodle
    Chicken Noodle
    Chicken Dumpling
    Beef Vegetable
    Tomato Rice
    Some sausage concoction....

    They may have a couple more kinds... they just rotate.