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I know this can be a HUGE debate, and I'm not looking to start any arguments. I was just wondering as you are OB nurses. I'm expecting a boy in July and not sure if we should circ. or not. My... Read More

  1. by   GardenDove
    Lets not get into the abortion debate here, that's apples and oranges, and even more volitile. I happen to be against legal abortion, and pro choice regarding circumcision. I doubt if you'd find much corelation between opinions on abortion and circumcision.
  2. by   GardenDove
    Quote from Atl_John
    Well lets just put it this way, at times having your man a little less sensitive so they can last longer is a good thing. And while I being 26 and having no ED, you would be suprised the number that do have some form of it.

    Yes, which is why circ'd men are better lovers while young, but less virile when older. It's a trade off. And no, I am not going to research that statement for scientific backing, not sure if it exists anyways...
  3. by   tvccrn
    Forcing someone is forcing someone, no matter what the issue.
  4. by   Atl_John
    TVCCRN, while I applaud your effort, unfortunately your logic is faulty, you can not take A is B, therefore A sub 1 is B sub 1. The linkage is wrong, and the proof needed is far greater than just A is B, B is D therefore D is also A. While I understand that you are trying to show they are the same by some external force putting their will on another being, they are vastly different.

    With Circumcision it is a parent putting their will on a child who is completely and totally dependent on their care.

    With Abortion it is a legislative assembly putting their will on an adult who is not completely and totally dependent on their care and is able to make their own decisions and choices. An infant is not, thats why you have a parent.
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  5. by   GardenDove
    Or abortion could be considered the ultimate violence against the unborn, depends on your philosophical POV, eh? It's definately has a bigger impact on the life than a little cosmetic surgery such as circumcision is.
  6. by   Atl_John
    GardenDove, your making me smile over here. Trust me, old men are MORE then virile. I've know quite a few 45 yr olds do more than most 18 yr olds could. I have a feeling the lower amounts of sexual stimulation have MORE to do with lower and decreasing levels of sex hormones and not the fact that their penis no longer has a little hat.
  7. by   GardenDove
    Since my parents were Jewish, circumcision was a cultural fact of life. It didn't seem to stop the Jewish people from becoming extremely successful and having an amazing cultural impact on the entire world, including providing Jesus Christ to humanity.
  8. by   Atl_John
    Lets not bring Jesus into and him have issues...... So out of curiosity, why do the Jewish people have circumcision, is it because of a belief of spiritual cleanliness or something along those lines?
  9. by   GardenDove
    Who knows? They claimed that their dietary and other laws came from God, but many of them have turned out to have had health benefits. I've read that circumcised penises do much better in sandy, desert conditions, because grains of sand would get under the foreskin and be an irritant, causing big problems for the nomadic desert dwellers.
  10. by   Atl_John
    That makes sense.... smegma+sand=CEMENT
  11. by   GardenDove
    Quote from Atl_John
    That makes sense.... smegma+sand=CEMENT
    Just like poorly cooked pork = trichonosis... So, they codified their health laws to protect the common good, giving credit to God.:angel2:
  12. by   GardenDove
    Heh heh, this has been a fun thread! :chuckle
  13. by   Atl_John I guess you could say that now a days Smegma+Dryer Fuzzies= Your own personal swiffer????