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  1. I had a baby a few days ago and apparently after his head was delivered his shoulders got stuck. His heart rate went down to about 50 and he was stuck for about 2 minutes before he got out. My husband was completely freaked out by this (I had no idea anything was wrong). Can anyone tell me if this happens very often, what it is, is it a big deal? Like I said, my husband really got scared, so now I am curious.

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  3. by   fergus51
    Sounds like it could be a shoulder dystocia. It's not super common, but certainly happens fairly often and usually works out if mom is made to change positions to better allign the bones. Are you sure he was really stuck, and they weren't just keeping the head there to suction and wait for you to push? The heart rate is not a super concern (fetal heart rates routinely drop to 60 or so with pushing and recover quickly with no damage to baby). The person you should be asking is the pediatrician or GP that checked the baby after birth. If there was a problem you would see low apgars and baby would probably have been put under observation.
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  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I agree w/fergus 100%. If you see anything concerning w/baby please ask your pediatrician. Shoulder dystocia is not an everyday event (thankfully) but does happen and is managed in many different ways. Babies have reserves so that whentheir heart rates go down like that, they can recover between contractions. I have seen heart rates w/uterine contractions that low and lower,and while we do watch it, if the baby recovers after the contraction, I know he/she is doing ok at that point. Just keep your wellbaby appointments and be sure to ask questions that arise when you go. Good luck and congratulations to you and your husband on your precious new addition!
  5. by   KaroSnowQueen
    Talk to your physician about this. It happened to me, my son, who was my largest baby at 8lb 13oz got stuck. The OB said he was afraid he might break the baby's collarbone to get him out! But he didn't.
    Baby later had jaundice, not related.
    Kid is now 21 years old, six foot five, two twenty, plays football, smart as a whip. He does have a congenital blindness in one eye but they think that is due to first hubby indulging in recreational substances if you follow my drift, similar condition in his co-indulging friend's baby born at the same time.
    Point is, this happens, and in most cases everything is cool. My kid is great and not ill effects. I'm sure yours is too, but talk to the doc but don't freak out if he tells you this could..... or this might.........just enjoy your baby!