Stillborn inductions

  1. My sil had her 20 wk ultrasound on Friday to determine the sex of her twins and neither baby had a heart beat. She will be induced tomorrow AM and I was just wondering what is the standard practice in your hospital and what should we expect?

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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    First, please accept my sincere condolences on your loss! What sad, sad news for your family.

    ....hmmm ok, well it really depends on the patient's condition and doctor preference. we often ripen the cervix first, if at all possible, with a drug called cytotec...this is either placed inside the vagina or swallowed as a pill, based on doctor orders. Then, the next day, we induce labor with pitocin ........ Let me tell you, we allow our patients *LIBERAL* pain control and relief measures; based on their desires. (epidural, or narcotic pain relief in the IV, whatever is chosen and ordered by patient/doctor).

    Also, once born, the patients/families have the option on whether they desire autopsies and also what type of funeral (if any) they want. We help them with these things as much as possible; we have the name of a funeral home to work with.

    Also, we give them "memory" boxes to keep things like hair and tiny hats we give them as mementos, along with a poem appropriate to the loss. The parents/family are given the option whether they want to hold their babies in their arms after birth; we will wrap them and help them with this. I just assisted in the sad, sad loss of 23-week twins so I can imagine how hard this is for you all right now!

    Also, we offer complementary pictures to keep as mementos. We also get our social services experts involved to work with the families in their grieving processes and provide resources to turn to. Clergy are contacted upon family request, too.

    Finally, I have a couple WONDERFUL books to recommend for reading; if interested let me know; I will gladly provide title and ISBN numbers for you. If there is ANYthing I can do to be of further help, please PM me or ask here; I will do whatever I can. I hope what I have given you here at least gives you something to start with. There are many wise folks at this board who will likely have much more to add that I forgot here.

    Again, I am truly sorry for your family's sad loss at this time; you and your family are in my prayers at this horrible time.
  4. by   shay
    Blue eyes answered beautifully. My condolences to your sil. .
  5. by   mark_LD_RN
    sorry to hear about her loss.

    blue eyes pretty much covered it. as far as the procedures go.
    she will need plenty of support and be allowed to go through the greiving process. good luck,