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  1. Ok, I have a question that may be dumb, but i would still like to know

    If a woman is dx with HPV and she currently has warts on her vagina/anus, (or even if there were no warts but she still had HPV) is she supposed to have a C-Section?

    My understanding of this is that if she has warts, she will give them to her child (in the eyes, throat, ect.)

    Thanks for any input!
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  3. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Where i work, she would be scheduled for a c-birth.
  4. by   leeae85
    see, that's what i thought. Thanks!
  5. by   nursejohio
    We do sections for herpes with active lesions, but not hpv. Even if they have warts present, our docs don't cut them unles there are other reasons
  6. by   htrn
    My understanding is that we section pts with active herpes lesions. We have had patients with genital warts deliver vaginally. One problem is that if they have a tear where the warts are, the skin is very friable (?sp) and difficult to repair.
  7. by   leeae85
    I thought that they automatically did sections for women with any kind of warts (hpv, herpes,...) b/c the mom would pass them onto the baby, who would get them on their voice box. I actually know a lady that has HPV, had a baby vaginally, and now the little girl sounds like one of the little ducks from "Duck Tales".

    The little girl has had 2 or 3 surgeries to try to remove the warts, but, still no success. The reason i ask all this is b/c my cousin has HPV and is expecting her first child, and i went with her to her Dr. appt. this past week, and her doc basically insulted me (such a jerk) and told me that they dont do c-sections anymore for that since their is only a slim chance. Well, my cousin wants the section, and he is being such a D i c k about it!
  8. by   klone
    My understanding of our hospital policy is that genital warts caused by HPV does NOT preclude a vaginal birth, but herpes DOES.

    HPV does not pose a significant risk to the infant as it passes the birth canal. Herpes, OTOH, does.

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