So, I applied for a job in mother-baby

  1. I'm really hoping it works out. I submitted my application and resume online and they automatically send you an e-mail saying thanks and they will contact you if they want more info. It seems to me like it was meant to discourage people from calling back. Placing a follow up phone call is so ingrained into me that it feel wrong not to. Would you still place a follow up call? If so, to who - the human resources department/nurse recruiter or straight to the unit manager? What would you say? The last time I placed a follow up call it was kind of lame because I hadn't really planned out what say beyond "I was calling to check on my application status". The nurse recruiter didn't really have much to say except It's still open and we'll call you if want an interview. A little discouraging...
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  3. by   ajaxgirl
    I would not call. They get annoyed with calls.
  4. by   NurseCard
    If you do call back, I definately would not call directly to the unit manager. With most jobs, you interview with someone from HR first and then have a second interview with someone from the unit that you apply for. I'm apt to agree with the previous poster and say don't call back at all, they will contact you if they are interested in interviewing you. But if you do call, you could call HR to check on the application.
  5. by   Cdnurstudent
    I'd call HR to at least check that your application was received, especially if this is a position you're very interested in.