1. Are most OB units locked units?? Our unit is an open unit. Our hospital is open 24 hours. Oh yeah, you "should" sign in by the switchboard after hours. The only security we have is a camera system by the elevator and a few others by the hospital exits. How much could the electronic umbilical clamps or ankle bracelets cost ?? I can't believe JCAHO oks our non system. With the minimal staffing we have, we are a disaster waiting to happen. No security staff in house either, we have maintenance men who do not want that responsibilty. We have to call 911 if we have a real problem. Can you believe it ???
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  3. by   bill4745
    Ours is locked. The babies have non-removable bracelets that set off an alarm if they are removed from the area. This alarm is announced throughout the whole hospital and anyone carrying a baby is prevented from leaving until the missing baby is accounted for.
  4. by   VTBabyNurse
    Our floor is not a locked unit, although we have an ankle-bracelet system. At least our infants are secure but unfortunately we have a lot of crazy things happen because anyone can just walk up there anytime they like.

    Last week we had a prostitute steal a purse from our nursing station. We also have a lot of trouble with "baby daddies" causing problems. Last summer we had a patient's boyfriend walk onto the floor, into her room, and punch her in the face. We didn't even know until after he left!

    We all joke that one day some angered father is going to show up with a gun and go on a rampage. Okay, not really something to joke about. We don't feel very safe.

    Fortunately we are moving to a new facility in September where we will have a locked unit.

  5. by   HappyNurse2005
    no, we aren't locked. the babies have the "dont steal the baby" ankle bracelets on that set off alarms if babies are taken near the stairs/elevators and stop everything.

    anyone can come up. if they come up at night, they have to stop at the front desk and say who htey are visiting. security really blows, actually.

    i hear rumors that our new unit will be locked! how exciting! we've had ladies before who are no information/anonymous patients b/c of significant other abuse. names aren't up in a public way, but a determined person could get in. (haven't seen it happen)
  6. by   matchstickxx
    I wish we were a locked unit. We have had more have had more than our fair share of "baby-daddy" and "new girlfriend of baby daddy" drama recently. Don't even get me started on the patient who we had to move three times because she kept calling the ex and telling him where she was but "don't you dare come up here." Then she would put on the call light and tell the nurse he was on his way to "beat her up and take her baby." We were so happy to see her be discharged but we worry about the baby. We did notify child protective services but I'm not sure how much good that would do if the FOB was really as violent as the patient claimed he was. BTW, he never showed up so we don't know what the real story was there. We only had the patient's side of the story and obviously had to err on the side of caution.
  7. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Unit locked after 11p. All babies have security bands on ankles until d/c.
  8. by   ElvishDNP
    We are very fortunate to have a locked unit 24/7. Anyone can come up to the floor via the elevs but all have to check in c security (actual gun-totin' police officers) before they will open the unit doors. We also have the HUGS bracelets. And we have closed circuit cameras. But we still sometimes have our share of the bomb threat...and the babydaddy who threatened to come up & take his baby daughter (mom was a prisoner). Actually, the last one resolved quite peacefully with acceptable agreements for all involved. I feel very lucky to be where I am security-wise.
  9. by   NPinWCH
    Up until last year our unit was open 24/7, but we had cc video. We now have a locked unit and the video, but no alarm bracelets. We all agree we feel more secure "buzzing" people in, the only problem is we have no unit secretary after 5pm, and when it's busy it can be a real pain in the behind to answer the phone that rings from the door, find out who they are here to see and then buzz them in.

    It has cut down on the whole "baby-daddy" drama as well as keeping out visitors when the pt is pushing, nursing, sleeping or otherwise unavailable for visitors.
  10. by   crysobrn
    We have an open unit with no security in the whole hospital. It's really sad actually!! Our babies wear bracelets that can surely be easily removed. Our hospital has looked into new systems but I guess it's not very high on the list of items because years later we still have the same system that anyone that has ever visited or has been a patient knows about.

    We have a lot of trouble with people "just visiting" after bar hours. and it's up to us to send them away. I dread the day that one of our baby daddy's come in or their friends and they just don't want to listen. I'm sure they could easily have weapons or assault one or both nurses working and be on their way and no surveillance. We've complained but it's gotten us no where!!
  11. by   magz53
    I also have complained that we are an abduction waiting to happen with the hospital and unit being accessible to the outside. The recent abduction in Texas sent chills up my spine as that could so EASILY happen where we are. I can't believe JCAHO approves of our non-security. Nurses on other floors have come upon people doing drugs in the bathrooms from off the street, very scary and dangerous. We have no security personnel in the building either. We would have to call 911 if anything happened. We have had Code Adam drills where someone makes off with a dumb doll. On a busy shift and we have never noticed and they think that is a good drill for potential abduction. Makes me sick.
  12. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I do know a JCAHO visit was the final straw where I am (we were written up for lack of security and we knew it would happen)----- administration was forced to do what they had put off: Spend the $$$$ to get security system/doors locked. I think you may be in for it when JCAHO makes their next "surprise" visit.
  13. by   nurturing_angel
    We have the locked unit, baby security tags on the umbilical clamp, closed circuit monitoring. No security guards around but after 8 pm all entrances and exits except ER are locked down and visitors or pts must come through the ER. There is a locked check point from ER waiting to the rest of the hospital. I feel pretty safe. Our NM says we do not have to lock the OB entrance unless we want to. Believe me, it will be locked when I am there on nights. I have already experienced the angry father searching the dept for his ex-wife and son and the angry wife looking for her husbands mistress. Both happened in a previous unlocked unit. Thank God for 911!

  14. by   crysobrn
    We are ISO and they have come to do annual inspections and apparently our lack of security for the entire hospital and no central monitoring have slipped their recommendations. We suggest both at every meeting and are basically fed information that is either not true or changes on a weekly basis. We are pretty much a disaster waiting to happen.

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