PRN to OB with no OB experience?

  1. I've been an ER nurse for nearly a year now and was thinking of applying to OB for a PRN position. I don't want to leave my ER job at all. I love it so much! But I've really wanted to do OB since I entered nursing school. Have any of you guys seen any instances where a hospital trained somebody in OB to just work PRN afterwards? I feel like they'd see it as a waste of time, but I'm hoping not. Just want to get somebody's opinion.
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  3. by   msnmajor89
    I'm my hospitals they do that often. Just in case something happens and always need it for a fill in.
  4. by   OBwonKnewbie
    Are we talking postpartum? Labor and delivery? Where I work they make you work the dept. for a year minimum before becoming PRN. OB is very specialized and I don't think it would be wise to start there PRN without some experience, especially if it were L&D. Unless you plan to work as much as someone who is full time for a couple years
  5. by   klone
    Postpartum, sure. L&D, no.
  6. by   Kristenlaurenw
    I know someone that went straight to postpartum PRN without experience but around here, they make you train postpartum full time for a while before you cross over to L&D for the most part.