POLL: How many births/yr and do you have in-house anesthesia / OB providers?

  1. How many births does your unit have per year?

    Do you have 24/7 in-house anesthesia?

    Do you have 24/7 in-house OB provider covereage?
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  3. by   RNinNWGA
    Our unit has about 3,000 deliveries per year. We have 24/7 in-house anethesia and OB coverage.
  4. by   HappyNurse2005
    2700-3600 births a year (varies-some months have 250 deliveries, october had 314)

    yes, 24/7 inhouse anesthesiologist doing just ob anesthesia
    yes, 24/7 in house OB coverage.
  5. by   CMCRN
    We do 6000+ births per year and we have 24/7 anesthesia with a back up and 24/7 OB inhouse and nights/ weekends we have 2 OBs in house
  6. by   mitchsmom
    Thanks for the feedback and please keep it coming; I'm trying to get an idea of where the cutoff typically is for in-house services so I'd really love to see more responses - just post a number and "yes" or "no" to make it quick if that makes it easier
  7. by   asher315

    No, on-call (if labor epidural going, they sleep in house)

    No, on-call (unless things are going crazy)
  8. by   SmilingBluEyes
    We do roughly 750-800 deliveries/year (small community hospital with 110 beds)

    OB on-call (but not necessarily in-house) 24/7

    we also have 24/7 anesthesia coverage on-call for OB (but not necessarily in-house---they are about 10 minutes out at night).

    If there is a high-risk labor situation, MDA stays in-house, along with OB. until the patient is delivered. (VBAC being the main high-risk labor that requires in-house OB and MDA).
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  9. by   flytern
    We do about 1800 births/year
    Anesthesia is in house 24/7
    OB doctor in house (our doc in the box) from 8PM/6AM, with all MD's required to live within 30 minutes of hospital
  10. by   ElvishDNP
    Anesthesia inhouse 24/7.
    OB residents and someone from each OB practice required to be there 24/7 also.
    We do about 5500-6000 deliveries/year.
    (700 bed hospital and growing)
  11. by   OBNurseryRN2006
    We do approx 400-500 del / year
    No to OB anesthesia 24/7 ( or at all for that matter, we don't do epidurals) regular anesthesia for c/s get called in.
    No to in house OB/GYN / FP doc (they do deliveries too)- they get called in when necessary, sometimes don't make it if someone precips - but we have 24/7 ER doc who can attend a delivery if we anticipate problems - but usually RN just delivers if OB/FP doc can't make it. The ER doc freak if they have to come up to OB - that freaks out the pt's. *laugh*
  12. by   PegRNBSN
    3,000 deliveries per year
    yes anesthesia
    yes OB coverage
  13. by   kathiecnm
    We do 5400 birth per year & this is still a growing community.
    We have one anesthesiologist on L&D 24/7. Frequently not enough coverage.
    We have one OB group that has an OB or OB & CNM here 24/7, unless the OB is alone & gets called to another hospital for awhile.....
    ER docs always "freak out" about doing OB! Big babies!!!
  14. by   rpbear
    We do 6000+ deliveries per year.

    Atleast 3 OB's in house, and 2 CNM's in house. A third OB in house if his group has a pt. and a parinatalogist on call but not in house unless needed.

    Dedicated anesthesia in house, and back up emergency anesthesia in the main OR and back up OB anesthesia at home who gets called in if things start to get out of controll.