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Hello to all. Since I work in a CTS unit, and have no OB experience other than my clinical rotation back in school, I'd like to ask you seasoned OB nurses about something that's a major concern in my... Read More

  1. by   dawngloves
    Originally posted by renerian
    I Had a 1.5 year old to watch. No help. WE watched tons of movies and cartoons every day
    My two year old watched so much TV while I was on "sofa rest" ! Oh man! The guilt!
  2. by   louloubell1
    Here I am, day 5 of bed rest, or couch arrest as mother/baby RN put it. I'm not too wacko yet, so that's good. I will keep you all updated. It's helpful to know that I have a bunch of nurses I can talk to if I need to, you know what I mean? I go back to the doctor on Thursday, and I have so many questions for him (I made a page-long list).

    Thanks again to all of you.
  3. by   renerian
    Hang in there Lou.

    No medical advice here, but you will be in my thoughts and prayers. I am currently 25 weeks and spent the last 5 weeks on "couch rest" due to early contractions. Thankfully, people (OBNURSEHEATHER) took me to my MD appts and visited me. I have never watched so much TV and so many movies!! It's pretty sad when you are excited about leaving the house just to go see the MD!! Feel free to email or PM me anytime.........I can sympathize.

    Take care of yourself and that baby!!!
  5. by   louloubell1
    Thanks so much, Shelly. I probably will send you some emails...and I know exactly what you mean about being excited just to go to the MD's office. I am so looking forward to my appointment on Thursday. How sad!
  6. by   RN2B2005
    It should be called "couch arrest". I had PIH at week 30 with my pregnancy, and spent the next six weeks in bed. My prayers and thoughts are with you, Louise.
  7. by   emily_mom
    I had preterm labor and had to spend 8 weeks on bedrest. It sucked because we didn't have cable at the time (ordered on day 12 of bedrest), but I made it through. My job fired me (which they paid me unemployment for doing so illegally). We lived in a strange town and I was all alone. I made it though. Yeah, I probably talked to myself more than I should have and got addicted to the Princess Di stuff too (and cheesy talk shows). But, at least I didn't have to worry about other little ones like some of you have. That would be tough.

    My thoughts are with you for an uneventful ending to your pregnancy!!

  8. by   mother/babyRN
    I hate to admit this, but as a writer I have to say I wrote a nutty PIH poem, and a few indicating how I felt on bedrest. I wouldn't say any of those little works of art made it to any poet laureate place, but unknown to me at the time, all those things I wrote and sent on bedrest (including drawings, since I am also an artist), were sent to my friends and co workers who PUT THEM ON THEIR OWN LITTLE BULLETIN BOARD, to the great entertainment of everyone there, nurses and docs alike...7 years later I still get personal requests....Maybe I will share them with you if you are brave enough....Of course, one of them was aptly named, Couch Arrest.....Hang in there, or else I will be forced to provide such a collection for all you "bedrest babes." out there!
  9. by   mother/babyRN
    Any of you brave interested souls, feel free to PM me with your individual accounts of what is going on and I will be happy to write somethng for you. Anyone else, just let me know...I won't be hurt if no one wants me to author anything for them, but just want you to know I am here for that purpose if you like. I should mention that our lactation consultant asked me to switch the words in several Christmas carols to make them go along somehow with breast feeding, and then presented them to her group....I have a lot of fun with projects such as that.....Come on, be brave...
  10. by   louloubell1
    That's really neat, Mother/babyRN. I'll send you a PM sometime soon. My creative abilities aren't quite as widespread. Don't get me wrong - I can write a mean paper, but I'm afraid my poetic ability is limited to a dirty limerick or two. I'm doing a lot of scrapbooking stuff though that I just hadn't had the time to do before the whole couch arrest ordeal began, and I'm watching far too much tv. I also sent my husband to the bookstore to get me a couple new critical care nursing study guides . . thought I might use this time to try and start studying to take the exam for CCRN (which I'm not even eligible to take yet, but hey . . .what else have I got to do). Whatever I read, I'm vowing now to stay away from anymore OB books/articles/etc. I'm scaring the heck out of myself reading that stuff.

    Day 6
  11. by   ?burntout
    I know how boring bedrest can be...I was on bedrest for 8 WEEKS early in my pregnancy with my son for a 12 cm ovarian cyst....Then at 30 weeks was back on bedrest for PIH ...

    Is there a hobby that interest you-crochet, cross stitching, etc? That would help take your mind off of things.....I read......I have my own mini-library from my bed-rest days....

    I know what you mean by looking forward to going to the MD office-I was usually dressed and ready before hubby was out of the bed.....he he he:chuckle

    PM me if there is anything I can do for you......

  12. by   bagladyrn
    Lou - forget the OB texts! Get some good trashy novels instead!
  13. by   mother/babyRN
    I used to love those scheduled doc visits too, even when it meant getting betamethasone, JUST to get off the darn couch and out of the house! By the way, dirty limericks are cool! Here is a silly one of mine which actually somehow won a contest..
    An Alaskan woman named Jane,
    discovered with MAJOR disdain,
    that her labor had started,
    and just then she farted,
    and delivered the baby in Maine!