Placenta Previa

  1. Please this ol LPN needs some encouragement or at least straight forward answer, My daughter is 24 week gestation with twins, she has posterior placenta previa, they admitted her last evening with mild bleeding and was able to stop it , now she is contracting and the bleeding is mild to mod what is your valued professional opion reguarding her chances to make 27 weeks, worried PedNurse/Mom in Idaho . PS she is in another state.
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  3. by   fergus51
    I am sorry to hear about her situation. There is really no way for me to make any predictions for how long she can hold out before delivering. I have seen placenta previas resolve almost by themselves, but there are a lot of variables. I am sure the uncertainty of the whole thing must be driving you crazy. It's one of the worst things about OB nursing. The fact that she is at 24 weeks means that the twins are at viability already, so it's not a lost cause even if she had to deliver immediately. I hope you get some good news soon.
  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    There is an RN here who just went thru a nightmare previa pregnancy that had a joyous and happy ending; delivery of a healthy baby. She had a rough go of it; spending weeks on bedrest but hung right in there. Her name is RN LOU, I believe and she is amazing. Lou, if you are out there, we sure could use you now! This lady would be inspired by your story.

    No predictions here as an L and D nurse. I am concerned she has gotten to 20+ weeks w/o any resolution of the previa. It may or may not "migrate" out of the way of the os as her uterus grows upward later on. They often do. If not, she can plan on being on bedrest pretty much the rest of the way, with delivery likely occuring early. They would like to get her to 34-35 weeks, ideally, but inthe case of previa and twin gestation, It will go day by day, week by week. I Hope she is near a good NICU. Good news is, many babies are delivered healthy and fine after pregnancies complicated with previa. I have seen it myself.

    So, I wish you and your daughter the BEST. Send her our thoughts and best wishes. And give yourself a BIG FAT HUG, gramma. I wish you the best, too.
  5. by   Heath82371
    my girlfriend had placenta previa twice with both of her pregnancies. she went into the hospital at 32 weeks with her first one and was not discharged until her daughter was born at 38 weeks. with her second child she went in at 34 weeks and stayed until 37.5. with both she had bleeding and contractions requring the ongoing hospital stay. obviously neither pregnancy corrected itself.
  6. by   mother/babyRN
    I had a complete previa but never, thankfully, developed any bleeding. I was scheduled for a c/s due to the previa, but ended up with an emergent c/s at 37 weeks due to pre ecclampsia , worsening lab values, edema and impending seizures. Thank goodness we didn't have to deal with the bleeding portion. I was extremely fortunate...
  7. by   TriciaLPN
    I just wanted to write and update on my daughter and the twins and thank you all so much for your encouragement and professionalism, you are all to be accomodated for the work you do you are a very special group of Nurses, As of this past evening my daughters condition has improved some the bleeding has slowed to a scant to mild flow the contractions even with the mag cont, but have spaced out , unfortunately the previa remains full and unmoving at this time, so we will hope for two months and pray for two weeks, and once again thank you for all your wonderful replys and inspirations, which i have shared with my daughter and she's very tough bound and determined to not be discouraged. I am very proud of her . Thank you and God Bless each and every one of you OB Nurses. Tricia
  8. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Hang in there, Tricia. If anything else comes up, you know where to come! Send our best wishes to your daughter and her babies.
  9. by   TriciaLPN
    Quick update my daughter is doing as well as can be expected the bleeding has stopped the contractions are spaced to about 4 per hr she has finally regained her vision and is alittle more awake , when they first started the mag they let her level reach a 7.9 so she has also been dealing with those adverse effects, the ultra sound today showed twin a to be 1.6lb and twin b to be about 1.10 previa is still complete and not likely to correct , so we will just hold on to every hour and every day and week we get . once again thank you all so very much ,