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  1. How many of your units have Operating rooms that are only used for your C-sections. Is the operatinng room within your unit, on the same floor? Do you guys scrub and circulate your own c-sections if you don't have a dedicated operating room?
    Right now our unit uses the hospital's operating room. Their staff scrubs and circulate our sections. We have had lots of problems with their staff during the c-section. :angryfire
    We actually have a BEAUTIFUL operating suite built within our unit. However they forgot to build a Recovery room within the unit so it is a BEAUTIFUL storage room. We are trying to convince management to covert a postpartum room into a recovery room and open our OR up.
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  3. by   bagladyrn
    The problem I've seen with ob staff doing their own sections occurs mainly in the smaller facilities I've worked. It just isn't practical to staff with enough nurses at all times to be able to do this : 1 scrub, 1 circulate, 1 receive the baby, and depending on what else is going on on your unit at the time, at least 1 to 2 remaining out on the floor with the rest of the patients.
  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Well, we do it and it is not usually a problem. We have two OR suites ON our floor, dedicated to csections, tubals and the occasional D and C. We also scrub (sometimes, others, a assistant on call comes in, he/she has 10 minutes), circulate and catch our own babies. Our techs can assist in emergencies when the assist is on the way.

    The only time it gets hairy is when there is a lot going on on our floor.....yep it can get crazy. Usually, the supe comes up to man the phones and watch callbells with the RN left out there.....or she sends some one to help at this time. But for the most part, all works out well and the sections get done much quicker than if we had to call a crew in at night and send the patient down from our floor (4th) to the main OR on the 1st floor. It helps that when a pt is in labor, we have anesthesia IN HOUSE, usually in a sleep room on our floor, in case of this need.
    IN VBAC's anesthesia and OB are ON the FLOOR til patient is delivered.

    Now at the other hospital where I work we do not do our sections---yet. But I have been in those and the OR team does tend to treat us poorly, like we are stupid "dont' touch anything in blue, it's sterile" DUH! We usually just go there to catch the baby; they circulate and scrub and such. You really do feel like a fish out of water there. The RN's at this hospital are resistant to changing so that we do our own...I can understand, but if they could see how smoothly it goes when you do (usually in and out before an hour passes, often within 30 min) they would like it. You are working w/people YOU KNOW there. And this OB floor is more than adequately staffed that they could. Oh well, it's a matter of time and I am sure they won't like it at first. Change is hard to accept sometimes.
    Yup, we have our own OR's (3 or 4 I believe) and our own recovery room. We have 12 "First Day Rooms," a 10-bed "Special Care" unit, and a 3-bed triage. It must work out well, because they're all hopping!

    All of the L&D nurses will scrub and circulate through OR. Like Debbie's, we do sections, tubals, and the occasional d&c. The OR's are located on our floor, just off of Special Care/High Risk OB. We even have a few of our own anesthesiologists floating around at any given time.

  6. by   luv l&d
    have 2 or's here. do own pptl, c/s, iuft's and cerclages/shirodkars. also do the occ. d & c. all of us circulate, and have a "dedicated" scrub every shift. sometimes that would be an ort, or sometimes an extra nurse thats been trained. have a 2 bed surgical recovery area. most days don't need 2 beds or two operating rooms, but occ there is a revolving door.
  7. by   sleepy247
    At our hospital, we have 4 OR's. We circulate our own sections but have scrub techs to scrub and an ob resident to assist. We used to have a recovery room, but after we renovated, they did away with it. Now we recover sections in the LDR. An RN has to be in constant attendance during the first post op hour. Our LDR's have all the same equipment as the recovery room did...monitors, oxygen, suction, etc. On busy nights, the one hour rule can be kind of cumbersome, but is never violated. We really balked at the idea of giving up the recovery room, but we are slowly getting used to this arrangement. I can't imagine sending our patients to the main OR.
  8. by   CTRN1
    We have 2 OR rooms on our LDRP-GYN unit (avg. 1200 deliveries/year) , we primarily use one, the second is for back-up. We are now able to staff our own sections, esp. on days, but off shift when there is less staff, if things get busy, we at times have to call the OR up to our sections. We are "supposedly" able to do D&Cs, but it never happens, they usually go to the main OR, as do all other GYN surgeries.
    We do not have a Recovery room. We recover our patients in their post-partum room after surgery.
  9. by   HazeK
    we have ORs on L&D...the pt's primary nurse circulates the case and the scrub is an OB tech, another RN from OB or, in case of multiple c/s at same time, sometimes pull a scrub from OR!

    how the dickens do you deal w/ prolapsed cord emergencies w/ OR off the unit?
  10. by   finallyRN
    The back entrance to our OR is right outside our unit so we run in the back door in emergencies. It is still a long run in an emergency though.