Online Tutorials: Electronic Fetal Monitoring

  1. excellent site:
    fetal monitoring and fetal heart rate (fhr) variations

    from american family physician:

    interpretation of the electronic fetal heart rate during labor

    another excellent resource:

    intrapartum fetal monitoring

    this website may also be of benefit (nice powerpoint):
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  3. by   sirI
    Excellent resource, VickyRN. Thank you for finding this!!
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    Quote from vickyrn

    wow! thank you vickyrn!
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    ty ty ty~!
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    gonna sticky this one for a while for others' benefit.
  7. by   turtletyme
    Thanks for all of this good information!
  8. by   disashmon
    I am new to labor and delivery and found this site extremely helpful!! Thanks for making sense of this very important concept!!
  9. by   LbrNDeliveryRN
    This thread is great, but as being an AWHONN Fetal Monitoring Instructor, these sites are not representative of the new NICHD guidelines that AWHONN and ACOG have in place now. These new guidelines include many changes, but one that is the hardest to get used to is that there is no documentation of short term and long term is now just variability. External or Internal monitoring is assesed and documented the same as far as variability is concerned. Also, baselines are to be documented as an average of the variability...such as 140-150, (or 140's) would be 145. I will do some research to see if there is a site out there to post with the new guidelines.
    Thank you!!!
  10. by   sirI
    Hello and welcome to, LbrNdeliveryRN

    We are happy to have you with us.

    Thank you for updating our thread. Since it was created in 2006, I'm sure there are more up-to-date links. We will appreciate the new information.

    We hope you enjoy the site here at allnurses!!!
  11. by   LittleLisaLawrence
    [font=franklin gothic book]awhonn now offers an introduction to fetal heart monitoring course online:

    [font=franklin gothic book]and of course, the tutorial includes nichd guidelines!
  12. by   richelle362
    Thanks for the info.
  13. by   LandDRN
    AWHONN has a great site with reviews, the latest guidlines and even online testing!
  14. by   Sandwitch883RN
    If you take the online program thats offered for $70 on the AWOHNN website are you then EFM certified? If not how do you become certified?

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