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Anyone want to share any ob superstitions? Like never do a wet setup on a primip until she is pushing. We have separate postpartum flowsheets for c/s and vag...never stamp the vag delivery packs... Read More

  1. by   at your cervix
    If you have a bad strip during the middle of the night and you call the MD to come in, the strip will be beautiful by the time the get there!!! BUT, if they leave again, it will get bad again until you call them back, the it will look great!!!!

    I have one certain MD that if he is on call and I am working nights, we will no doubt end up in the OR in a crash c section for one reason or another-NEVER FAILS! If he hears my voice in the middle of the night on the phone, he doesn't even have to listen, he just says "draw labs, open the OR and I'll be right there." (happily, we have had all good outcomes in the end, so we can laugh about it.)

    The birth plan and the red head thing are so true!!! My favorite is when the birth plan specifically says "do not offer me pain meds" By 3 cm, the are begging for an epidural and are extremely MAD that they have to wait to get to 4 cm, or have to wait 10 min for anesthesia to get there.

    Do you ever find also that when pt's come in, you can guess who their MD is just by looking at them?

    The pt's that come in riding on 1 cheek in the wheelchair and screaming that they have to push are either complete or 2 cm, thick and firm?

    General rule of thumb, the more prepared you are, the less prepared you needed to be!!
  2. by   mother/babyRN
    How about if a nurse (ANY NURSE) comes in as your laboring patient, something is bound to go wrong? If it is a friend or relative the IV will never go in on the first try.
  3. by   lm57lm57
    Oh MY!!!
    Demises come in three's.....( I hate this one)
    If it's a full moon,watch the labors begin! (this is also true w/ storms)
    Nurses or Doctors in labor will have complications.
    If you have a size 5 shoe or less...it will be a c-section
  4. by   wsiab
    You have a patient that wants everything natural...Charge Nurse calls you and asks if you are going to need the anesthesiologis soon because a)he or she is going to bed or b) "we are looking at possible back to back csections soon...If you tell her no....Pt will demand an epidural now, as soon as the anesthesiologist has gone to bed or OR.
  5. by   at your cervix
    I just remembered another one. Does this happen on anyone else's unit? If a nurse wears red socks to work, you will have a bleeder, never fails. I keep extra clean white socks in my locker so that if someone forgets, they can change.
  6. by   Angel Baby
    I don't know if there is literature to support it, but with ICU/CCU as part of my background I can guarantee that being a natural redhead is a risk factor. Not only do they bleed, but they tend to have exaggerated reactions to medications (this includes having a paradoxical reaction). Just ask the male Irish RN I worked with in ICU--took his first-ever dose of Valium at home (prescribed for extreme stress and as a short term therapy) and 1 hour later was running around his neighborhood, stark naked, ranting about the evils in the world. Needless to say, he never took them again.

    Also, 7th Day Adventists will bleed and try to die on you.......
  7. by   rnoflabor2000
    saying that it is quiet=very busy
    full moon or rain=SROM's
    calling in more than 1 induction=bus load of patients come in
    saying "my baby looks great"=stat C/S
    Dr or Nurse in labor=complications
    go to lunch=precip delivery
    birthplan=she gets everything she didn't want
    patient states she has to push=fingertip to baby falling out
  8. by   JenniferNRN
    2 more things I've found recently to add to the others...
    ---make plans for a day at work (I planned to clean the lounge refrigerator)=too busy to even breathe much less do something else!