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  1. Anyone know if there are any classes you can take without enrolling in an entire program to get education in OB nursing? Either CEUs or actual classes at universities where you can just take 1 class. I'm looking to strengthen my non-OB nursing resume and the birth place manager recommend "to take a class." I've been a nurse for 4 years (3 acute care med/surg and 1 cardiac critical care). I'm ready to do whatever it takes! Thanks!
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  3. by   klone
    You wrote that you're looking to strengthen your "non-OB nursing resume" - did you mean to say your OB nursing resume?

    A class I would recommend would be AWHONN's introduction to fetal monitoring. AWHONN also has many study modules available for purchase. I would also recommend taking NRP, and/or perhaps STABLE.
  4. by   mtnviews
    I became a doula while I was in nursing school (via DONA International) and then volunteered through a non-profit to offer labor support to women regardless of means. I was attracted to the idea after I worked with a doula my first day in L&D clinical, and then my friend had an L&D nurse who became a doula after she became a nurse to break into L&D. The class also included a pretty basic but decent class on supporting initial breastfeeding.

    I had classmates interested in OB who took lactation consultant classes, which I think would be great to do someday. It's also great in that it can benefit working in postpartum as well.

    Spinning Babies is a great class. I took it about 6 months after I became an L&D nurse and it offered many tips and tricks on positioning to facilitate labor progress. Though preceptors tend to know some of those tips too on orientation.

    So I love the website Evidence Based Birth and they offer a labor support for L&D nurses class which I'd love to check out someday (but you don't have to be an L&D nurse to go). They said even if they don't have one planned, you could contact a local EBB instructor to see if anything like that is or could be in the works.

    AWHONN membership offers payment plans, and chapters often offer educational sessions and programs to enrich members.