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hey all i am doing a little bit of research- my doctor gave me a sample nuva ring today, and i've been interested in taking it for awhile but....i want to find out a little bit about it before i use... Read More

  1. by   Ophelia78
    I despised the Nuva Ring because it irritated my bladder...but everything irritates my bladder. I was always a Patch girl myself before we ditched the BC. My sister has been using it for 3.5 years and loves it. The only incident she's ever had with it was when she and her fiance were being "intimate" and, ahem, it appeared he won the ring-toss game. They both thought it was hilarious...
  2. by   daisybaby
    Quote from walker shaw
    Thanks again for the clarification/correction
    I figured it was probably a mistype

    I just started Nuva Ring myself (week and a half ago) and so far I LOVE it! I tried a lower-dose BCP for a few months (neuro. said my migraines were in part r/t ortho-cyclen so I tried Alesse) but the lower dose made me crabby/teary/miserable/NUTS.

    Even though NuvaRing uses a low dose of hormones, the change in delivery seems to agree with me. The past 10 days is the longest I've gone without a migraine in months, and my mood has been really level, thank heavens! I have noticed an increase in appetite and craving for sweets, but perhaps blaming it on the Ring is wishful thinking?
  3. by   OrigamiAirplane
    The Nuvaring did not work for me at all. I hated it! I was on it for approx. 2 weeks and had about every side effect you could think of despite blood clots. For one thing I bled the whole time I was on it. I was extremely fatigued, had wierd emotional changes and couldn't go by the donut case without my mouth watering. If I stayed on it I'd probably be 20lbs heavier. Not to mention my libido disappeared. I thought, well what is the point? Prior to starting the ring my husband and I used condoms. We are back to that method and I am soooooo thankful!
  4. by   RN BSN 2009
    I have a friend who uses it, she is really satisified and has had no side effects from it.
  5. by   SharkLPN
    Quote from Ophelia78
    My sister has been using it for 3.5 years and loves it. The only incident she's ever had with it was when she and her fiance were being "intimate" and, ahem, it appeared he won the ring-toss game. They both thought it was hilarious...
    LOL! The same happened to my BF and I! Had us doubled over with laughter for a good 5 minutes.

    I used NuvaRing for about a year, and the only problem I had was ~ TMI alert! ~ a little more discharge than I was used to during non-menstrual times. My periods were lighter though, with less cramping, so it was a trade off I was happy to have. My hoo-haa must have been irritated a bit by the rings presence, but not enough to cause itching or pain. I just used pantiliners daily instead of using them only for tampon backup.
  6. by   anne74
    So did anyone experience a lot of weight gain with the Nuvo ring? Also, a friend of mine didn't like it because it grossed her out when she had to "retrieve" it. (She's not a nurse, so maybe she has a lower tolerance for grossness.) So, do you have to take it out every 3 weeks?

    And it does help with cramps? Does it work essentially like BC pills - releasing the same type of hormones as BC pills? Do most insurance companies cover it like the pill?
  7. by   Cherish
    Yes you take it out every 3 weeks. It has enough hormones in it to last a month. After that it wears down and you have a higher chance of pregnancy. It definately helps with cramps. I have had VERY BAD cramps, irregular and heavy bleeding since I started my period. Nuvaring has helped a lot. Ortho Tri Cyclen helped with me getting lighter and more regular periods but didnt do much about the cramps. I hated the patch I had very bad cramping with that. This has been the only BC that has helped with cramping and lighter periods.

    I've never had the ring slip out of me. I am very active and exercise a lot. I think its a great method of BC. I was thinking of getting a IUD but the wait to get it done was about 2 mths so my physician suggested the Nuvaring till my appt. was available. Haven't thought about getting any other BC since starting.

    Remember if it has slipped out that as long as its less than 3 hours you are protected. Also, you should carry an extra pack with you in your purse just in case something has happened. If its been more than 3 hours since the ring has been in your body, replace the ring and use a back up like a condom for 7 days. This is all explained to you in the insert of the package.

    I have found that when I take the ring out when I shower every 3 days, wash the ring, and insert back in it combats the discharge. I found that this has helped a lot and I dont get the same discharge amount, it wasn't a lot anyways.
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  8. by   Spatialized
    Probably TMI, but it was the best birth control my DW ever used. No crazy ups and downs, little to none weight gain (in fact she lost...), out of sight and out of mind and it worked...the next biggest thing is that she recommends it to anyone who will listen. Not an issue anymore though since we "pulled the goalie..."
  9. by   Kinky Slinky RN
    I was on depo provera (worst BC EVER) and then i got on the nuva ring... i was on the ring for about 6 months... i had migraines as a kid but then they went away when puberty hit.. when i got on the ring, my migraines came back like CRAZY.. it was terrible.. then my bf and i saw a study that if u have HAs with BC then ur more likely to have a stroke, so we decided to just yank it and never use it again... plus i gained about 20 lbs in 6 months on it...
  10. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Again, I must caution anyone considering any form of birth control, particularly hormonal forms, be sure to talk with health care providers, having a thorough review of health history taken, to be sure to ascertain what is best for YOU individually. No one here nor these anecdotes, can replace solid medical care and advice when considering such issues.

  11. by   PattonD
    SharkLPN said "TMI alert"....hehe thats funny!
  12. by   LilRedRN1973
    I loved the Nuva Ring at first. My gyno told me I could keep it in for a full 4 weeks, then change it out which would prevent me from having a period (I have horrible cramps that make me vomit and bedridden). Studies have proven the ring to be effective for up to 35 days. But then I ended up getting yeast infection after infection. I was shocked because I had never even had one yeast infection in my life. Once I took the ring out and went back to conventional birth control and took medication to clear up the yeast infection, I didn't have any more occurrences after that. I mourn the fact that I can't use the Nuva Ring because I LOVED the ease of use and that you didn't have to think about it every day; just once a month was it on my mind!
  13. by   HealthyRN
    I just wanted to post about my experiences with Nuva Ring. For the first few months, I thought it was great. It made my periods lighter and relieved the horrible cramping that I have. After a few months though, it turned me into a crazy woman. I was crying all the time, depressed, and having anxiety and panic attacks that I had never had before. I started losing a LOT of hair. The final straw was when I started developing varicose veins in my legs (I am 22 years old, active, and thin with no family history). My PCP thought that these symptoms were probably related to Nuva Ring and I went off it after about 7 months. And then, I developed acne like I have never had before- cystic acne that was very painful along with regular old acne all over my face and even spreading down my neck. It took me several months to get the acne under control. I have vowed never to use hormonal contraceptives again! Everyone reacts differently to hormones, but it was definately not for me. .

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