nursery or rooming in

  1. Do most places have 24 hour rooming in? How do you encourage moms to keep baby? Do peds and lab go to moms room? how is nursery staffed-RN or aide, also what are the duties of the nursery person? thanks!
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  3. by   MercyAngels
    The hospital where I work has rooming-in, but it's not continuous. Most of the pediatricans want the babies in the nursery by 0530 or 0600, and if they're not, Heaven help you!! There are a couple of pedi's who will go out to mom's room, but for the am rounds, they don't want to have to mess with it! It's more convenient for them to have the babies all in one spot; and of course, we must cater to the doctors!! Any lab that our babies need is drawn by the nurses.
  4. by   binky
    We try to encourage rooming in....The moms want a good night sleep..We are a small hospital and short on staff. When we get in a bind we take the babies to their moms and you would think that we have committed a sin. Our peds will tell us when they are going to make rounds and ask us to go and get the babies.
  5. by   askater

    I don't work O.B. But had a child. I spent 3 nights recovering. (from a c-section) I was never told the hospital had a nursery. Matthew roomed-in, except for his circumsion and the last night...Matthew had complications...he went to special care.

    One night Matthew screamed from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. non-stop. I seen no nurse. It was the roughest time ever...especially getting up and down.

    The peditrician came to my room. The nurses never needed to take him out.