No incision tubal ligation?

  1. Okay maybe I am way behind, but I have just found out about this. I am talking about Essure micro inserts. Do you guys know anything about this? The main reason I have waited to get my tubes tied is my huge (and irrational) fear of a general. So are any of you routinely seeing these done? What do patients feel like afterwards? Any adverse reactions you have seen? Any thing else I forgot? OH and what about reversal with these? (not that I would consider that, but for purely educational reasons)
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  3. by   NurseyBaby'05
    Is Essure reversible?
    The Essure procedure is designed to provide permanent birth control and is not expected to be reversible. Found this info and a bunch more at the folowing site:

    It is my understanding that the coils irritate the surrounding tissue and facilitate the buildup of scar tissue within your fallopian tubes. Something you would want to double check with your OB about to make sure your risk for CA does not increase. I also saw something on there about being contraindicated on women who have allergies to Nickel. I am assuming that that is what the coils are made of.

    On the other hand, no general anesthesia or ABD surgery complications.

    Hope the link was helpful! Good luck!
  4. by   Jolie
    I considered this, but ultimately decided against it, as I am concerned with the notion of creating an inflammatory response within my body.

    I don't know of any studies of long term effects, but would be interested in reading up on them.
  5. by   Gotosleepy
    if you are afraid of a general - you can always have it done under a short spinal.
  6. by   rnmi2004
    Are you married? If so, I suggest dealing with your fear of general by having your dh fixed.
  7. by   CoffeeRTC
    My doc metioned this at my last OB appt before I had my baby. He just started doing this procedure and sounded like he was rounding up some guinee pigs for practice....We we do choose something I'm thinking it will be hubby!