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I am currently on a mother/baby unit on at a nonprofit hospital and we are not allowed to have the nice peri-pad icepacks that all the postpartum moms like because they are too expensive. Most of the... Read More

  1. by   seanymph
    We approached the manager with the frozen peripad idea and got shot down by infection control! So much for helping our patients.
  2. by   pickledpepperRN
    Not an OB nurse. I was not even a nurse yet (medical assistant) when my kids were born. I thought the nurses was nuts offering a heat lamp then an ice bag.

    A physical therapist said to use a zip lock bag with rubbing alcohol 25% in the water. It makes slush instead of ice. Perhaps over a peripad it would be just right when sitting or in bed.
  3. by   LaceyA. dipers! THe hospital that I volunteered at used them all the time! I have made many....Moms really seemed to like them and they are very easy to make and soak up all the water from the melted ice!
  4. by   mark_LD_RN
    Originally posted by Browneyedgirl
    Ok, this thread is really interesting and I guess I'm going to show that SouthArk is backwoods and behind the times.
    Our hospital only uses heat lamps on the perineum postpartum.

    If I remember correctly, 2 sessions, hours ( as in the next day) pp, for maybe 15-30 minutes at a time ( I'm a HORRIBLE estimator of time).

    So, when does the ice pack therapy begin?

    How long are the sessions?

    When do they end?
    the ice therapy starts right after deliver, and depending on the doctor or midwfe and patients swelling and wishes lasts up to 12 hours here. after that the ice does little good. we leave it on almost continually at first then play it by ear so to speak+

    I like the heat lamps (peri lights) but we do not use them here. where i used to work the heat lamps were done 2-3 times a day usally right after a sitz bath using warm water and epsom salts. seemed to work real well. have not used them in 2 yrs now
  5. by   Buggs
    Not to sound naive, but how does the heat lamp work? Is it for episiotomies/lacs only? If just have labial swelling and no epis then do you just do ice? You must have some formal protocol. Is there a risk for being burned or catching the sheets on fire?
    Sorry, never learned about this in school or in practice.It seems in OB that things come in and out of "style", almost like fashions, only to reappear years later, new and improved.
  6. by   HazeK
    a hint about the chemical pads: after activating them, put a bit of water on them...much, much colder that way!!!

    thanks for the 'diaper hint" ....
    for severe swelling, the chemical pads just aren't enough and the gloves are messy

    will share the hint!

  7. by   OB4ME
    I also prefer using the ice diapers...

    A recent funny about ice packs...Our hospital recently contracted with the local air force base to provide L&D care for military families. So, we are starting to take care of lots of them, and they bring with them interesting stories...

    A few weeks ago, as I handed my patient an ice diaper, she told me a story about her delivery at a military specific hospital. Apparently, they use iced CONDOMS after delivery! And, this patient still laughs when telling the story about her nurse at the time handing her this rock hard, ice filled condom...She wasn't sure what to do with this item, as the obvious seemed way too bizarre (not too mention chilly!) for her! LOL!

    The moral of the story gloves aren't as bad as you thought, now, are they?! LOLOLOLOLOL!!!
  8. by   CMTMom
    :lol: so if I go in and ask for an "ice diaper" they'll know what I'm talking about right? :lol:
  9. by   nursenatalie
    I had a diaper filled with ice after the birth of my daughter (she's 4) it was wonderful. I had stitches but never felt any discomfort. I have recommended this to all my friends after childbirth. Know I sound like a commercial here but I thought it was great and couldn't imagine how gross I would feel bleeding on a glove or anything else not super absorbent! If Pampers got word of this they would probably try to market it somehow...